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Serif WebPlus X5 ISO-TBE
Software » Web | автор: nimdA (10.06.11)
Serif WebPlus X5 ISO-TBE
Release Name: Serif Web Plus X5 ISO-TBE
Release Date: 10.06.2011
Interface Language: English
Platform: Win 7, Vista, or XP
File Format: .bin/cue
File Size: 477Mb

Serif WebPlus X5 - Мощное программное обеспечение, предназначенное для создания веб-сайтов, как для малого бизнеса и организаций, так и для домашних пользователей. Вам не нужно знать HTML - просто перетащите и вставьте нужные вам элементы дизайна, интуитивно понятный интерфейс и мощные инструменты легко помогут вам в разработке сайтов, даже если вы никогда не делали этого раньше.

WebPlus X5 содержит все необходимое для профессиональных результатов, объединяет удобный визуальный конструктор, формы, бесплатные онлайн-инструменты и сервисы, PayPal и другие виды электронной коммерции, поисковую оптимизацию, графические инструменты, редактирование фотографий, аналитику, публикование, техническое обслуживание, и видео-обучение!


Serif WebPlus X5 is the ultimate website design software for small businesses, organisations and home users. You don’t need to know any HTML - drag-and-drop simplicity, an intuitive interface, and powerful tools help you design sites easily, even if you’ve never done it before.

You don't need anything else to get online; WebPlus X5 has everything you need to design your site, fix and optimise photos, set up an online store, and stream music and videos. With its simple, drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG approach to design, you can be sure that your website will look exactly how you want it to. Wow visitors with easy-to-use Flash animated photo galleries; create a secure e-commerce store so you can confidently sell online or take subscriptions and donations; add music or video to showcase demos, home movies, bands - and more.

Everything you need!
- Over 1000 professionally-designed templates and online content
- Professional-level word processing and text handling
- Compatible with popular image and word processer files
- Open, fully edit, and export PDFs suitable for both print and web
- Built-in photo editing with the easy-to-use PhotoLab
- Dedicated Logo Studio for easy graphic design
- Add flair to your documents with Pro OpenType Features
- On-screen ‘How To’ guides, videos and printable tutorials!
- Merging and management features for long documents
- Create many document styles such as Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers & More

WebPlus X5 - all-in-one solution for website design handles the unpleasantness of HTML code automatically, behind the scenes. It also offers creation of attractive web graphics, buttons and navbars; Google technology including Maps and Analytics; powerful photo editing; trusted e-commerce; dynamic community features like blogs, forums and site security; YouTube and other videos; news feeds; and even free hosting.

Some of the great new features and benefits in this latest release include:
- New Button Studio: This dedicated design space makes easy work of creating intelligent and great-looking buttons that can resize for long page names and become part of attractive navbars.
- New Navbar Designs and Controls: To accompany the new Button Studio, navbars are easier to customise and there's an impressive new range of designs.
- Lightboxes: Put content up front and central in a lightbox, ideal for showing off large photos, product shots etc, but they can also contain forms and other information.
- Panels: Panels are an exciting new feature that will add interactivity and interest! Panels can contain just about any information you want to display, or your navigation controls for easy access. Panels can be made to reveal/hide with mouseovers and clicks, and can float over a page while it scrolls.
- Actions: In addition to adding hide/reveal actions to objects for Panel display, other actions can be assigned too... including Print!
- E-Commerce Improvements: Make your store work even more smoothly with a PayPal Mini Cart, a popup cart that shows cart contents and pricing, and a handy Checkout button.
- Improved Ease of Use: Lots has improved to make WebPlus even easier and more productive to us, including new ways to select and organise objects, easier editing of Master Pages (great for less complicated template customising), new Text Variables for quickly updating pieces of information throughout a whole site, page resizing on the fly with mouse drags, better image handling for faster photo-rich sites, and an Upgrade Wizard to transport content and settings from WPX4 to WPX5!
- And More: These headlines aren’t the only changes; there's also new templates and access to a cool template store, a new 'Best quality' image export setting for all resized photos and web graphics, links on images in slideshows and galleries, SVG import, Word 2010 Docx import, new and enhanced colour schemes, text styles written to an external CSS file, a new 'set as Home page' option for easy welcome page setups, improved drawing tools, better compatibility with plugged-in features, and still more!

Minimum requirements
- Windows XP (32-bit), Vista, or 7 operating system
- Pentium class (or compatible) PC with DVD drive and mouse
- 512MB RAM
- 660MB free hard disk space
- 1024x600 display resolution with 16-bit colour depth or higher
Optional Requirements:
- Windows-compatible printer
- TWAIN-compatible scanner and/or digital camera
- 3D-accelerated graphics card with DirectX 9 (or above) or OpenGL support
- Microsoft .NET 2.0 connection software (installed by default to support Microsoft Word 2007/2010 & Writer document import)
- Internet account and connection required for Web publishing and accessing online resources
- Adobe Flash Player plug-in required for viewing online videos

Serif WebPlus X5 ISO-TBE
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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: maloy30 (11.06.11 13:35)
    Это же версия Serif WebPlus X5 v13.0.0.016 только от другой команды релизеров. Вот здесь

    Если чем отличается эта версия от той, то напишите чем.

    (#2) написал: nimdA (11.06.11 13:56)
    ты же сам ответил:
    Это же версия Serif WebPlus X5 v13.0.0.016 только от другой команды релизеров.

    т.е. ничем, кроме даты релиза и формата файла: там сетап, а здесь образ диска


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