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IRIDAS SpeedGrade NX v2011.6661.66 (Win/Lin/Mac)
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (9.06.11)
IRIDAS SpeedGrade NX v2011.6661.66 (Win/Lin/Mac)
Program Name: IRIDA SpeedGrade NX v2011.6661.66
Program Type: Color Correction & Finishing
Release Date: 09.06.2011
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 7 (x32/x64) | Linux (x32/x64) | Mac OS X
File Size: 21.92Mb / 25.87Mb / 75.14Mb / 190.01Mb / 60.67Mb

SpeedGrade представляет собой семейство программных продуктов, которые охватывают все аспекты единого рабочего процесса управления цветом. SpeedGrade NX является высокопроизводительным приложением коррекции цвета и глубины для работы с текущим видеоматериалом и доработки, которое работает c разрешением до 8K в режиме реального времени. В дополнение к мощному и полному набору инструментов DI, SpeedGrade NX включает в себя дополнительные инструменты стереоскопической цветокоррекции и доработки.

SpeedGrade NX - это универсальное решение для цветокоррекции, обработки RAW и 3D-Стерео. Требуется ли быстрая обработка текущего видеоматериала или нужен полный набор инструментов для доработки фильма, SpeedGrade NX обеспечит всем необходимым. SpeedGrade NX считывает и записывает практически все форматы, используемые в производстве на сегодняшний день, включая DPX, OpenEXR, Cineon и Quicktime. SpeedGrade NX напрямую воспроизводит форматы RAW всех цифровых кинокамер на современном рынке.

Решения SpeedGrade доступны для Windows, Mac OS X и Linux. SpeedGrade запускается на стандартных высокопроизводительных ПК или рабочих станциях Mac с видеокартой NVIDIA QuadroFX.

Усовершенствованная архитектура SpeedGrade поддерживает разрешение до 8K (8192x4320) в режиме реального времени. Для достижения максимальной точности цветовоспроизведения алгоритмы SpeedGrade обрабатывают все вычисления в точности с плавающей точкой.


SpeedGrade is a family of software products that cover all aspects of a unified color workflow. SpeedGrade NX is a high performance color and depth grading application for dailies and finishing that works up to 8K in real time. In addition to a powerful and complete DI toolset, SpeedGrade NX includes advanced stereoscopic color grading and finishing tools.

SpeedGrade NX is a one stop solution for color grading, RAW processing and Stereo 3D. Whether you require fast turnaround times for dailies or need a comprehensive toolset for finishing your movie, SpeedGrade NX delivers. SpeedGrade NX reads and writes virtually all file formats used in production today, including DPX, OpenEXR, Cineon and Quicktime. SpeedGrade NX directly plays RAW formats from all digital cinema cameras on the market today.

SpeedGrade is available for Windows, MacOS X and LINUX. SpeedGrade runs on standard high-end PC or Mac workstations with an NVIDIA QuadroFX graphics card.

SpeedGrade's advanced architecture supports resolutions up to 8K in real time. To achieve the utmost in color fidelity SpeedGrade's algorithms process all calculations in floating point precision.

Real-time HDR Color Toolset
SpeedGrade employs some of the industry's highest fidelity color algorithms. Once your image is in SpeedGrade's color pipeline, it is treated as an HDR image, giving you flexibility in building your color grading layers. In SpeedGrade, color grading layers are always non-destructive: You can logically organize your grading setup without worrying about clipping or loss of precision. If you are working with HDR footage, you will appreciate SpeedGrade NX's extensive real-time OpenEXR support. OpenEXR is also supported for render output - ideal if you need to roundrip to a compositing suite.

Multi-format, Multi-resolution Timeline
SpeedGrade NX's multi-format timeline architecture and multi-resolution playback engine is a unique solution for challenge of increasing diversity in acquisition and postproduction formats. Instead of deciding on a project format and resolution beforehand, simply bring in all the material and play it back instantly. Create a rough cut using the SpeedGrade editing tools or conform an EDL. Then decide the output format and resolution at render time, at the end of the session.

Universal RAW Support
Through partnerships with all major digital cinema camera manufacturers, IRIDAS supports RAW files natively, eliminating the costly transcoding process usually associated with these cameras. Our unique real time RAW algorithms employ the power of the GPU to deliver render quality output up to uncompressed 8K RAW at 30fps.

SpeedGrade NX supports ARRIRAW natively and in real-time, even for stereoscopic and high-frame rate applications. The unique native implementation of the ARRIRAW color science ensures the highest image fidelity without clipping.

Through the latest RED SDK support, SpeedGrade works with RED's latest cameras, including the EPIC and RED MX.

Native real-time CinemaDNG support enables a seamless workflows for cameras supporting this emerging standard, including cameras from Ikonoskop, Indiecam and Meduza.

High-speed camera users will appreciate the native support for both Phantom and WEISSCAM image formats.

Ready for Higher Frame Rates
SpeedGrade's high performance architecture is ready for the higher framerates employed in the pioneering work of some of today's filmmakers. SpeedGrade works with stereoscopic material up to 60fps..

Award-winning Stereoscopic Toolset
SpeedGrade NX builds on our pioneering work in stereoscopy to deliver a full stereoscopic color correction and finishing solution. Using our DualStream features on a stereo project is a painless process. Automatic matching of geometry and colorimetry allow for fast turnaround on set or at the dailies stage. Sophisticated manual controls allow for precise and analytic fine tuning of shots. Stereo conform and grading work intuitively without the need to copy timelines or grading presets between the eyes. Comprehensive keyframing controls allow for precise sweetening of shots.

In October 2010, IRIDAS was awarded the Gold Award by the International 3D Society for innovation and impact in Stereo 3D technology.

Color Pipeline
Through the IRIDAS Color Pipeline, a concept we first introduced in 2003, all IRIDAS products work hand in hand with SpeedGrade NX to communicate the movie's look through all stages of a production and post production pipeline. Color information is applied non-destructively, preserving the integrity of the original footage. IRIDAS' .Look file format is supported by many third party software and hardware products.

Workflow Design
You can easily integrate SpeedGrade into your existing post pipeline. Our industry-leading file format support allows you to work with native frame sequences or movie files directly, whether they are on local storage or placed on a SAN. All our file formats are text or XML-based, empowering the script programmers in your company. SpeedGrade NX adds powerful Python scripting functionality for close integration with production management systems.

Rendering in SpeedGrade scales from simple to powerful: You can either render locally or scale up to a MetaRender render farm giving you a fast turnaround times even for large projects. Output formats include all commonly used file formats used in the industry, such as DPX, Cineon, TIFF or Quicktime.

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    Странно. Запускал под 7 Ultimate, нормально работает.
    Какая система? Файл точно заменён?

    Логи в папке посмотрите -> X:\IRIDAS SpeedGrade NX\log

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    У меня macos

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    У меня macos

    Попробуйте права задать
    sudo chmod 755 /Applications/

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    Спасибо! Вот теперь все отлично работает!

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    sudo chmod 755 /Applications/ подскажите как это сделать....туплю

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    подскажите как это сделать....туплю
    Через терминал: Программы -> Служебные программы -> Терминал (Application -> Utilities ->

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