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Steganos Safe 12 v12.0.3 (Revision 9584)
Software » Security | автор: nimdA (8.06.11)
Steganos Safe 12 v12.0.3 (Revision 9584)
Program Name: Steganos Safe 12 v12.0.3 (Revision 9584)
Program Type: security
Release Date: 2011-04-30
Interface Language: Multilingual
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7
File Size: 19Mb

Steganos Safe - Одно из лучших приложений для шифрования данных, позволяет создать на компьютере виртуальный шифрованный диск для хранения жизненно важных файлов и конфиденциальной информации. Вы можете создавать любое количество защищенных дисков объемом до 1Тб каждый. Размер сейфов может быть изменён на более позднем этапе с помощью практической панели управления.

Программа использует самый современный и надёжный алгоритм шифрования AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), который защищает ваши конфиденциальные данные с кодированием 256-бит. Как и все шифровки Steganos, он ни разу не был взломан. Благодаря поддержке многоядерных систем, шифрование производится режиме реального времени.

Кроме введения пароля вручную, данные можно также шифровать, используя в качестве ключа USB устройство или мобильный телефон. Таким образом, нет необходимости запоминать пароли, необходимо просто подсоединить свое USB устройство, и данные откроются автоматически.

Steganos Safe содержит модуль для генерирования сложных паролей, средства для защиты почтовых программ Outlook, Outlook Express и Windows Mail. Также имеется возможность создавать Portable Safe - расшифровку данных можно легко произвести на любом компьютере без установки дополнительного программного обеспечения.

Механизм защиты от сбоев (Automatic Crash Protection) гарантирует, что данные будут зашифрованы даже в случае аварийного завершения работы или перебоев с электропитанием.


Steganos Safe - Highly secure data protection that’s fast and easy. It's more than a little unsettling knowing that a perfect stranger has access to your private things. But this is exactly what can happen if your laptop or portable media gets lost or stolen. When you consider the staggering number of incidents involving lost or stolen hardware, it's crucial to ensure that you're protecting your data in order to safeguard your privacy.

Apart from the manual password entry, data can also be encrypted via USB stick or mobile phone, for example. Thus, employees do not have to remember their passwords: They only have to connect their USB stick to make the safe open automatically. If someone forgets about his password or loses a key device, the administrator can use the Emergency Decryption Key (EDK) to access the data. The password chosen originally still remains secret. The use of these features can be configured and controlled via group policies.

Steganos Safe 12 works just like a real vault and protects all of your data from unauthorized third-party access. Without the right password, nobody can retrieve the contents. And with Steganos PicPass you don’t even need a password – the right sequence of images will open the safe.

The unlocked safe seamlessly integrates itself in the system as a disk drive and can be used from any application. For example, you can save files you’re working on in Word directly to Steganos Safe 12. If desired, you can even launch the safe directly from Windows. It couldn’t be easier or more secure!


Highly secure encryption - The algorithm used for encryption, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), protects your sensitive data with 256-bit encoding. Thanks to multicore support, it can do this in real time and it’s uncrackable!

Vaults up to 1 Terabyte big - Encrypted virtual safes protect documents, photos and videos on PCs and laptops. Each data vault - any number of which can be set up - holds up to 1,000 GB = 1 terabyte! The size of safes can also be modified at a later stage by using the practical slide control.

Portable safe: the vault to take with you - The data vault you can take with you - on a USB stick, CD, DVD or BluRay disc. Practical: you don’t need any extra software to open a Steganos Portable Safe on another computer.

Invisible. The hidden safe. - Steganos Safe not only encrypts your data, but also inconspicuously hides it in a picture, piece of music or a video. So you can even file away highly sensitive data.

Steganos Shredder - Personal data like your private documents, pictures or videos can get into the wrong hands if you send your computer off to a repair or sell it. You can prevent that from happening! Steganos Shredder permanently deletes the traces you leave behind on your PC - totally automatically if desired.

Quick and easy - If desired, you can open and close your safe with practical keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts to opened safes are created on the desktop. Data can then be easily copied to the safe with a simple drag & drop. Or automatically launch the safe upon logging into your computer. Applications can also be automatically launched after you’ve opened the drive.

Additional functions:
- Steganos PicPass - opens the safe with a sequence of images instead of a password
- Anti-keylogger - keyloggers don’t stand a chance thanks to virtual keyboards
- Steganos password generator - create highly secure passwords tailored to your requirements with a click of the mouse
- Security check for passwords - multilingual dictionary recognizes insecure passwords and will warn you
- Mailbox safe - no one can access your e-mails without the right password. For Outlook (including, contacts, calendar and tasks), Outlook Express and Windows Mail

System requirements
- Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32/64 bit)
- 100 MB of space on your hard drive for installation
- At least 256 MB of free memory
- At least Pentium or comparable CPU
- Internet connection (must-have for product activation and updates)
- For Steganos Safe: Additional hard-disk space is needed for the secure drives. In order to use 512 GB per drive, you need the NTFS file system. The FAT32 file system enables a maximum capacity of 4 GB per secure drive.
- For Portable Safe: CD or DVD burner with corresponding software. Optional and temporary up to 8.5 GB hard-drive space for the Portable Safe package files. In order to use a Portable Safe on another computer administrator privileges are required for the installation of the decryption program.
- Secure drives cannot be decrypted when stored on compressed NTFS drives.
- Supported key devices: ActiveSync-compatible devices (e.g. SmartPhones, PDAs), all devices that are recognized by Windows as rewriteable removable media (e.g., USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras).
- No key devices are included in the delivery.
- Mail Client Safe for Outlook 2003/2007, Outlook Express 6 and Windows Mail. Limited functionality: no Mail Client Safe for Windows Vista 64 Bit and Windows 7 64 Bit

Steganos Safe 12 v12.0.3 (Revision 9584)
Steganos Safe v12.0.3 R9584 Incl.Activator-MPT >> >> >>
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