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Red Giant Magic Bullet Grinder v1.5.0 for Mac
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (15.05.11)
Red Giant Magic Bullet Grinder v1.5.0 for Mac
Program Name: Magic Bullet Grinder v1.5.0 for Mac
Program Type: Video converter
Release Date: 2011/05/14
Developer: Red Giant Software LLC
Interface Language: English
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later or 10.6.3 or later
File Size: 8.95Mb

Magic Bullet Grinder конвертирует DSLR/HDSLR видео в приемлемые для редактирования форматы, добавляет временной код и генерирует прокси веб-разрешения за одно действие. Magic Bullet Grinder поддерживает все возможности отснятого с помощью Canon DSLR видео и большое количество форматов. Конвертация в форматы ProRes Standard, ProRes Proxy и PhotoJPEG сопровождается временным кодом. Реализованные в Magic Bullet Grinder пакетная обработка файлов и поддержка многопоточных систем обеспечивают скорость и отсутствие сбоев операции. Добавляет имена файлов и информацию временного кода непосредственно в прокси, адаптирует 30p и 60p к 24p медиа для высококачественных эффектов замедленного воспроизведения.

Основные возможности:
• Конвертация видео, не замедляющая работу приложения для редактирования видео
• Поддержка мультипроцессора позволяет быстро конвертировать по несколько файлов одновременно
• Поддержка кодеков ProRes 4:4:4, SQ и PhotoJPEG для работы в реальном времени
• Добавление имён файлов непосредственно в прокси для быстрого поиска в автономном режиме

В настоящее время Magic Bullet Grinder поддерживает только Mac OS X.


Magic Bullet Grinder - The essential tool for converting DSLR video to edit-friendly formats. Magic Bullet Grinder is the smartest way to transcode DSLR/HDSLR footage. Grinder converts Canon video to edit-friendly formats, burns in timecode and generates web-resolution proxies in a single time-saving pass. Version 1.5 adds new features directly from customer requests, which include important Apple ProRes codecs, timecode from camera EXIF data, new 25p conform frame rate, and render priority control. Take the tedium out of transcoding and get to the editing you love.


Easy conversion to useful formats - Grinder ships with all the important codecs and specs, with new options that let you convert to ProRes HQ and LT as well as ProRes 4444, Standard and PhotoJPEG. We’ve added an important Frame Rate option to convert footage to 25p or 24p, and added 1080p for proxy output. Use Grinder to generate lower-resolution proxies for easy laptop editing, burn timecode directly to proxies, and swap in full-res versions for final mastering.

New features directly from your requests - Version 1.5 packs in amazing new features that we are excited about. We hope you are too, because the requests came directly from customers using Grinder in their production workflow. That’s why an upgrade to Grinder 1.5 is completely free for Grinder 1.0 owners, and Grinder 1.5 takes its spot in the Magic Bullet Suite. Helpful new features include ProRes HQ/LT codecs, EXIF-based timecode, custom file naming, Growl notification, and render priority for main vs proxies. You spoke, we listened.

Essential features for speed & productivity - Magic Bullet Grinder has everything you need to convert footage, add timecode and create proxies in a single pass. This standalone solution will transcode video without bogging down your video editing application, making the conversion faster and easier than transcoding inside Final Cut Pro. Grinder’s batch processing features and support for multi-threaded systems ensure a fast, glitch-free operation. Got 8 cores? Convert 8 files at once.

Easy conversion for video - Convert H264-encoded video to edit-friendly formats. Works with DSLR and HDSLR footage from all video-capable Canon DSLR cameras, including Rebel T2i, T3i, 60D, 7D, 5D Mk II, and 1D Mk IV.
NEW! Powerful options to choose timecode - Timecode metadata can be inserted for any .mov file created on your Canon DSLR. New options let you choose between continuous timecode, reset timecode, or using EXIF camera metadata for Time of Day timecode by reading .thm files
NEW! Burn-In for timecode, frames & names - Burn-In options make it easy to match specific frames from offline to online media. You can burn in timecode, frame numbers, both options, or choose not to burn in anything. Grinder automatically adds file name burn-in to proxies, making it easy to track offline files.
NEW! More FCP-friendly output - Now supports Apple ProRes HQ and ProRes LT along with ProRes 4444, ProRes Standard, ProRes LT and PhotoJPEG for high resolution output. Supports PhotoJPEG or ProRes Proxy for online media and proxy files. (Must have FCP 7 installed to get all codecs.)
NEW! More choices for Proxy output - Increased offline support includes Proxy Resolution options from 1080p to quarter res. Continues to support Proxy Format choices of ProRes LT and PhotoJPEG.
Simple, powerful batch processing - Grinder is multi-threaded for speed. Simultaneously transcode as many files as there are cores (8 cores = 8 simultaneous files, 4 cores = 4 files). NOTE: There is an 8 core cap so if you are on a 12 core machine, Grinder will only use 8 cores.
NEW! Convert frame rate to 25p or 24p - Grinder has always conformed files to one frame rate. Now you can choose 25p or 24p when converting 30p and 60p media for high quality slow motion use. No matter what the input frame rate is, the output frame rate will always be the same. (Speed conversion only: Does not alter optical flow.)
NEW! Custom file naming - Complete control over file names for clips, like appending a custom prefix, timecode stamp and sequential number. Choose different naming conventions for main and proxy files, if desired.
NEW! Queue Control for main vs proxies - Set the render priority for main vs proxy files. You can render all main files first if you need the high resolution immediately. Alternately, render all proxies first so you can edit while the full-resolution files are still rendering.
NEW! Support for Growl notification - Growl notifications can be turned on for the start of batch processing and upon completion of main and proxy batches. This helper app unintrusively lets you know what Grinder is doing. (Growl software must be installed.)
Designed for real world production needs - The idea for Grinder came ‘straight from the movies’ when Stu Maschwitz, Creative Director for our Magic Bullet products, asked Red Giant to help him easily transcode files from his Canon 5D Mark II. Stu needed to be able to convert footage, add timecode and create proxies in a single pass development. Thus, Grinder was born.

Supported Cameras and Formats:
Magic Bullet Grinder supports all video-capable Canon DSLRs, with more formats coming soon.
- Canon 5D mk II (1080p30, 1080p25, 1080p24)
- Canon Rebel T2i, 7D, 1D Mk IV (1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p50, 720p60)
- Canon Rebel T1i (1080p20, 720p30)
Support for file formats:
- H264 files in variable bit rate format
Codec formats used:
- Pro-res uncompressed
- PhotoJPEG on Mac

System Requirements:
- Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later or 10.6.3 or later (Currently Magic Bullet Grinder does not support any Windows Operating System).
- Mac Intel system
- Minimum of 1 GB of RAM
- 45 MB of hard drive space

Host Applications
- Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 7

New in v1.5.0
- New output options include 25p or 24p frame rate conversion
- Apple ProRes HQ and ProRes LT give more FCP-friendly output
- Timecode can be reset, continuous or using camera EXIF data
- Set render priority for high-res footage vs lower-res proxies
- Customize with file names, destination folder and Growl notification

Red Giant Magic Bullet Grinder v1.5.0 for Mac

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