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Sound Ideas: The 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library
Effects » Sound FX | автор: Beathan (10.02.11)
Sound Ideas: The 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library
Name: Sound Ideas: The 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library
Type: Sound FX, Sound Library
Format: 10 CDs with MP3 sound effects + .PDF library description
File Size: 430MB (375MB in RAR archives)

Sound Ideas: The 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library - Коллекция выдающихся звуковых эффектов на 10, которая может похвастаться более чем 1350 аудиоклипами, представляющими многолетнюю легендарную историю кино.
Sound Ideas: The 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library - The Twentieth Century Fox Corporation has authorized a special agreement with Sound Ideas to make available a collection of outstanding sound effects from their Sound Department. This 10 CD library has been digitally remastered and boasts over 1,350 sound clips representing years of legendary motion picture history.

Sound Effects Content by CD:

TCF 1: Antique Autos, Auto Crashes, Ferraris, Hot Rods, Model Ts, Stock Car Races, Auto Skids
TCF 2: Airplanes, Animals, Arrows, Archery, Crowds, Baseball, Battles
TCF 3: Bells, Bodyfalls, Cartoon Boings, Boxing Crowds, Cameras, Carnivals, Catapults, Crashes, Crowds
TCF 4: Drawbridge, Earthquakes, Electronics, Explosions, Fight Scenes, Bar Fights, Fires & Fire Trucks, Flame Throwers, Professional Football
TCF 5: Glass Smashes, Cannons, Firearms, Handcuffs, Naval Horns, Horses & Stagecoaches
TCF 6: Human Hits, Jail Doors, Jungles, Knife Stabs, Knife Throws, Metal Hits
TCF 7: Motorcycle Gangs, Vintage Motorcycles, Office Ambiences, Parachutes, Police Radios, Ratchets, Record Scratches, Rockets, Sand Storms, Ship Signals, Ship SONAR, Space Shuttles
TCF 8: Air Raid Sirens, Ship Sirens, Snowmobiles, Artillery Soldiers, Cavalry Soldiers, Soldiers Marching, Roman Soldiers, Green Hornet Stings, Submarines, Submarine Control Rooms, Submarine Torpedoes, Sword Fights
TCF 9: Military Tanks, Telegraphs, Telephones, Thunder, Period Traffic, Trains
TCF 10: Steam Trains, Trolleys, Military Trucks, Underwater Sounds, Western Streets, Police Whistles

Please Note: The calliope music featured on disc TCF 7 (Track 41, Index 1) is still protected by copyright. If you wish to use this music in a film or other forms of media, you must obtain a release from the Copyright Holder.

Sound Ideas: The 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library

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    (#4) написал: Beathan (11.02.11 09:51)
    PiracyPatrol is fighting against new releases, new links soon, stay tuned!

    Vovan101 you can easily convert MP3 into WAV when needed, for free of course ->
    dj64 I PM you new links, check your box

    (#5) написал: dj64 (12.02.11 03:48)
    Вы можете загрузить Hollywood Edge – Animal Trax – sound effects

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