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HyperTyle v1.05 Retail for Adobe Photoshop
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (8.02.11)
HyperTyle v1.05 Retail for Adobe Photoshop

Program Name: HyperTyle v1.05 Retail for Adobe Photoshop
Program Type: Plug-In
Developer: The Plugin Site
Homepage: www.thepluginsite.com/products/hypertyle/main.htm
Release Date: 03.02.2011
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit)
File Size: 40.78Mb

HyperTyle - это тщательно разработанный подключаемый фильтр для создания эффектов текстуры, поверхностей, рисования, эрозии, прозрачности, рамки и затенения, и краевых эффектов. Эти основные эффекты основаны на бесшовных текстурах, таким образом, возможно неограниченное количество вариаций. Кроме того есть функции масштабирования, вращения, а также эффекты металла, хромирования, поп-арта, деформации, отражения, размытия, шума, смешивания и другие вспомогательные эффекты, которые могут быть применены одновременно с бесшовными текстурами, используемыми для основных эффектов. Таким образом, одновременно могут быть применены до 20 эффектов, не покидая окна плагина. HyperTyle включает в себя более 110 пресетов. Поддерживает следующие цветовые режимы: RGB 8 и 16 бит на канал, Градации серого 8 и 16 бит на канал, и Многоканальный (CMY).

Загрузочная версия поставляется со 128 бесшовными фотографическими, синтетическими и рисованными текстурами размером 256x256 пикселей в формате JPG. Версия на компакт-диске поставляется с более чем 1000 бесшовными текстурами, включая 100 с высоким разрешением, в формате BMP. Вы можете использовать другие текстуры в BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD и других различных форматах, например собственные, скачанные в Интернете или текстуры таких приложений, как Photoshop и Paint Shop Pro. Для того, чтобы открыть нужную текстуру, просто нажмите кнопку 'Open Texture'.

Набор текстур HyperTyle (HyperTyle Texture Pack) содержит 1100 дополнительных текстур в формате JPG - 1000 текстур размером 256x256 пикселей и 100 текстур размером 512x512 пикселей.


HyperTyle is a sophisticated filter plugin for generating texture, surface, paint, erosion, transparency, edge, frame and shadow effects. These main effects are based on seamless textures, so there are unlimited variations possible. Additionally there are also zoom, rotation, metal, chrome, pop-art, warp, mirror, blur, noise, blending and other secondary effects which can be simultaneously applied to the seamless texture which is used for the main effect. So up to 20 different effects can be applied at the same time without leaving the plugin dialog. More than 110 presets included. It supports the following color modes: RGB 8-bit/channel, RGB 16-bit/channel, Grayscale 8-bit/channel, Grayscale 16-bit/channel and Multichannel (CMY).

The download version of HyperTyle is delivered with 128 seamless photo, synthetic and painting textures at 256x256 pixels in JPG format. The CD version provides 1000+ seamless textures including 100 high resolution ones. You can also use other textures in BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD and various other format in HyperTyle, e.g. self-created textures, textures downloaded from the web or textures from image applications like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. HyperTyle includes many seamless textures that can be used within HyperTyle. To open a texture in HyperTyle simply click on the Open Texture button.

The HyperTyle Texture Pack, which is available for registered customers, contains 1100 additional textures in JPG format (1000 textures at 256 x 256 pixels and 100 textures at 512 x 512 pixels).

What`s new:
- Renders two times faster than previous versions. The Image Surface effect is even four times faster;
- HyperTyle Texture Pack with 1100 additional textures can now be downloaded by registered customers. 1000 of these textures were previously only available on CD. 100 new and unreleased textures are also included in the Texture Pack;
- 1 new preset file;
- UI Improvements:
>> Visual styles supported. If visual styles are active, the sliders are not colorized anymore;
>> The HyperTyle window is now only movable by clicking and dragging the titlebar-like area at the top. This avoids that imprecise clicks on controls accidentally move the window;
>> Double clicking a slider label sets the slider to its default value;
>> Unused control are now invisible instead of grayed out;
>> The Main Effect combo box was moved above the seperation line;
The Use Transparency check box was moved to the bottom of the Main tab sheet. It is not enabled anymore if there is not alpha channel present;
>> "No ..." combo box items were renamed to "Off";
>> The Range combo box was renamed to "Tonal Range". The "All" item was renamed to "Full";
>> The Grain slider was renamed to "Phase";
>> Bug Fix: The Fade slider does not vanish anymore when switching between main effects.
- To avoids write permission conflicts .ini and preset files are now saved in this folder:
c:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\ThePluginSite\HyperTyle\
Please move your self-saved presets to the Presets sub folder of the mentioned folder in order to access them faster;
- More precise rendering time measurement;
- Installation:
>> Plugin Installer supports several new compatible applications and displays less options during installtion;
>> All files are now installed in the "The Plugin Site" sub folder of the Program Files folder by default. Additionally "The Plugin Site" sub menu of the Start menu is now used for installation items;
>> Support for silent installation: If you run the installer with the /silent or /verysilent command line parameter, the installation will run automatically and require no click. Plugin Installer will then automatically install the plugin in every supported application that it can find.
- The demo version includes all 129 textures of the full version now;
- The demo version renders less opaque watermarks faster to the image.

- Runs as a filter plugin in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, Photo-Paint, PhotoImpact, IrfanView and many other applications - www.thepluginsite.com/products/hypertyle/compatibility.htm
- For Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit).


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