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PhotoWatermark Professional Retail
Software | автор: nimdA (13.02.08)
PhotoWatermark Professional Retail
Program Name: PhotoWatermark Professional Retail-FOSI
Program Type: Digital Photo, Watermarking
Developer: UniDream Marketing Technologies Inc.
Release Date: 15.09.2007
Interface Language: Multilingual (incl. russian)
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size: 2.8Mb

PhotoWatermark Professional - один из самых мощных пакетов по нанесению водяных знаков на цифровое фото. Программа совмещает в себе простоту и эффективность, упрощает процесс создания и нанесения водяных знаков (копирайтов) на целые коллекции цифровых фото.

Наносить водяные знаки можно как текстовые, так и графические, либо смешанные, в зависимости от Вашего желания. PhotoWatermark Professional использует смесь текста и графических рисунков любой сложности. Также можно быстро создать надпись, залить фон и вставить в рамочку, есть поддержка слоев, вставка текущей даты с временем для пометки многое другое. Программа имеет русский фейс и поддерживает форматы jpeg, tiff, BMP, gif , png, и JPEG2000.


PhotoWatermark Professional is the only digital photo-watermarking tool that combines power and ease of use, and radically simplifies the process of creating and applying watermarks to single or multiple files. It uses a mixture of text, graphic and drawing objects of varied complexities.

Power, speed, and flexibility! Are these what you want for your watermarking program? This new generation of PhotoWatermark Professional is redesigned from scratch and more specialized in professional watermarking. A feature centered interface setup with clearly readable buttons lets you find the proper commands easily. It supports a mixture of text and image watermarks of any complexity. A variety of styles including outline, gradient or texture fill, inner shadow, soft shadow, glow, drop shadow, 3D shadow, emboss and engrave render you watermarks that speak of professionalism. Five mechanisms (auto position, relative size, relative margin, image orientation selection and aspect ratio cropping) assure consistent look of your watermarks either on prints or screen regardless of the size and orientation of your images. Flexible Transparency setting allows you to choose how your pictures will be presented to your potential customers. Watermarks can include little macros to extract various EXIF including GPS tags and file information from individual photo. JPEG, TIFF, PNG and bitmap graphic formats are supported. A built-in watermark file manager helps you manage multiple watermarks for different purposes and switch with a single click. PhotoWatermark Professional supports a combination of batch watermarking, cropping, converting, resizing, renaming and framing. Integrated how-to tips encourages you to start watermarking in no time!

• Green program: Does not write in Windows registry.
• Ability to process any number of photos (all files in a folder as well as its sub folders at the same time) including combinations of
- batch watermarking.
- batch renaming: names files in numerical order or using information from file.
- batch resizing: chooses among predefined or custom size. Smoothing algorithms can be applied.
- batch converting: output images in JPEG, TIFF, PNG or Bitmap format.
- batch cropping: use a crop ratio to automatically crop all your pictures.
- batch framing: decorate your pictures with various frames.
• Ability to mix text and image watermarks of any complexity.
• Ability to render outline text watermarks.
• Ability to render both text and image watermarks with gradient or texture fill, inner shadow, soft shadow, glow, drop shadow, 3D Shadow, emboss or engrave.
• Ability to include multiple lines and mix languages in each text watermark.
• Ability to include symbols (e.g. copyright), file information, EXIF (including GPS) tags in any text watermarks.
• Ability to set each watermark's opacity level between 0 and 100. 100 means totally opaque and 0 means totally transparent.
• Ability to set opacity for each text watermark's border, text and fill separately.
• Ability to render watermarks in smooth quality.
• Ability to set each watermark's size to cover a certain percentage of your image.
• Ability to position your watermarks relative to the border of your images. The border offset can be either in pixels or relative (in percentage).
• Ability to rotate each watermark at arbitrary angle.
• Ability to paste bitmap (as PNG) or enhanced Meta format from clipboard (as vector).
• Ability to insert transparent PNG logos and high quality scalable vector (Windows meta and enhanced) images as watermarks.
• Ability to tile any text or image watermarks.
• Ability to list all landscape, square or portrait photos separately.
• Ability to create multiple watermark files for different purposes to maximize your creativity.
• Ability to mix different languages (unicode) in text watermarks.
• Feature centered interface setup with clearly readable buttons. All related commands are found in each feature zone.
• What you see is what you get watermark designing.
• Safe for your photos. Will not touch your original photos unless you explicitly asks it to do so.
• Easy to use explorer-style folder tree view and thumbnail view.
• Common image file support: Load and save JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP and PNG.
• Very fast. At least 10 times faster than version 6.
• Interface can be easily translated into any language.
• Compatible with Windows 2000 (requires free MS GDIPlus.dll library), Windows XP or Windows Vista.

New in PhotoWatermark Professional (Sep 15, 2007):
- Now it can save the ICC profile in JPEG and TIFF.
- Refined smoothing algorithm.
- Now saves original image resolutions in JPEG.
- Now you can limit JPEG file size.

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