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Ultra Fractal v5.04
Software » Graphics | автор: nimdA (27.12.10)
Ultra Fractal v5.04
Program Name: Ultra Fractal v5.04
Release Date: 26/12/2010
Homepage: www.ultrafractal.com
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinALL
File Size: 8.2Mb

Ultra Fractal - Программа, предназначенная для создания и анимации изображений по фрактальному алгоритму. С помощью Ultra Fractal можно создавать анимированные текстуры, движущиеся фоновые изображения и просто оригинальные картинки. Работая в программе, можно использовать такие знакомые пользователям Photoshop средства, как слои, режимы смешивания и маски. Созданные в Ultra Fractal изображения можно визуализировать в высоком качестве, пригодном для полиграфии.

Ultra Fractal позволяет создавать фрактальные изображения любых объемов, форм и сложности. В одном окне документа можно накладывать друг на друга несколько слоев, добиваясь особой выразительности рисунка. Все фракталы просчитываются в режиме просмотра "на лету", есть возможность запускать финальный rendering в пакетном режиме. Программа является незаменимой для создания великолепных орнаментов, постеров, бэкграундов и т.п.

Аналогично программе Adobe Photoshop, Ultra Fractal умеет работать с альфа-каналом, слоями и масками, что позволяет легко комбинировать различные фрагменты изображений.

Одной из отличительных особенностей данной программы является её интерактивность. Любое изменение параметров фрактала немедленно инициирует перерисовку изображения в окне предварительного просмотра. Однако, помимо быстрого предпросмотра, в программе также реализованы и алгоритмы рендера в файл, использующие преимущества анти-альясинга и распределённых вычислений.


Ultra Fractal is the best way to make fractal art. It is very easy to use and yet more capable than any other fractal program. The program works using a similar paradigm to Photoshop, allowing multiple layers to be combined using layer blending modes, transformations and custom fractal formulas.

Fractal formulas, coloring algorithms and transformations may be written by users and a large number of such formula files are available in a public formula database. Fractals may be copied from the interface and pasted as plain text into an email, there is a busy mailing list on which many users post their parameter sets.

Ultra Fractal allows you to open any number of Fractals at the same time. A fractal consists of one or more layers, which are merged in Photoshop-like fashion. Each layer has its own fractal formula, location, and coloring algorithms. You canwrite your own fractal formulas, coloring algorithms and transformations, and Ultra Fractal will compile them on-the-fly. Besides being powerful, Ultra Fractal also offers a friendly user interface and extensive online help to help you to get started

Major new features in Ultra Fractal 5:

Layer groups - With the new layer groups feature, you can organize layers in groups, which makes fractals with many layers easier to work with. Because a layer group has a separate merge mode, this also makes new creative merging effects possible.
Select multiple layers - You can now select multiple layers and edit them together by Ctrl-clicking or Shift-clicking in the layers list in the Fractal Properties tool window. For example, you can easily move or delete multiple layers, apply a new fractal formula, or edit parameters that all selected layers share. Likewise, it is also possible to select multiple transformations in the Mapping tab of the Layer Properties tool window. This makes it much easier to work with fractals that have many layers or transformations.
Image import - Import PNG, JPEG or BMP images in your fractals with the new image import feature. Simply select a coloring algorithm that contains an image parameter, and you can select any image on your computer to use. The coloring algorithm determines how the information from the image is used. For example, the standard Image coloring algorithm just displays the entire image in the fractal window. See Using images.
Formulas with classes - Formulas in Ultra Fractal can now use separate sub-formulas, which are called classes. This allows formula authors to easily re-use common formula features in many formulas. A formula that use classes typically enables you to select those classes yourself, which is a very powerful way to extend the capabilities of a formula after it has been published. For more information, see About classes. If you are a formula author and you want to incorporate classes in your own formulas.
Browser thumbnails - The browser now includes a thumbnail view for formulas, parameter sets, fractals and gradients that gives a great overview of the available items.
Formula ratings - Ultra Fractal now contains a rating system for formulas that makes it easy to see which formulas you should try first, and which are no longer recommended to use.
Improved support for dual-core processors - Ultra Fractal 5 uses dual-core or multi-processor systems more efficiently. Previously, on these systems, the fractal to calculate was split in vertical strips which made it harder to judge the calculation. Now, the image is split in as many strips as there are cores, so it appears to be calculated at once. If one strip finishes earlier than the other, the unfinished strip is subdivided again. This gives an impressive speed-up with most fractals and makes it even more worthwhile to have a dual-core system.
Improved formula compiler - Under the hood, Ultra Fractal's formula compiler uses a new and more efficient code generator. This means that your formulas will run faster than in Ultra Fractal 4. Selecting new formulas and opening parameter sets is faster, too.
Improved Timeline tool window - The Timeline tool window now lets you edit the properties of multiple selected ranges or keys together, just like the way this works with layers and transformations. Previously, you could only edit one item at a time.
Improved fractal window - The fractal window now enables you pan the fractal very precisely with the Ctrl+arrow keys. There is a new Copy Image command on the Edit menu so you can copy the parameters and the image of the fractal individually. Also, there is a new Gradient|Replace command on the pop-up menu that appears if you right-click in the fractal window.
Improved formula parameters list - The list of formula parameters in the Mapping, Formula, Inside and Outside tab of the Layer Properties tool window now enables you to horizontally resize the area reserved for parameter labels.

System requirements:
- Windows 7, Vista or XP.
- Intel i7, i5 or Core 2 Duo processors are recommended for best performance. Ultra Fractal 5 will seamlessly take advantage of multi-core and multi-processor systems.
- A resolution of 1024x768 pixels or better is recommended to work comfortably.
- Memory: On Windows 7 or Vista, at least 1 GB is recommended. Windows XP requires 512 MB.
- Disk space: Installing Ultra Fractal on your hard disk takes less than 10 MB

Ultra Fractal 5.04 release notes:

• The previous Standard Edition and Animation Edition versions have been renamed to Creative Edition and Extended Edition, and a new Express Edition has been added. There is only one download and one installer: Ultra Fractal adapts itself to the correct edition based on your license key. Your existing Standard Edition and Animation Edition license keys will of course continue to be valid for the Creative Edition and the Extended Edition. In addition, it is now possible to seamlessly upgrade your edition from within Ultra Fractal with the Help > Upgrade Edition command.
• Class parameters are now called plug-ins, because this makes it much clearer how they work in practice. If you don't write formulas, all you need to know is how to select and combine formula plug-ins. Only if you're a formula writer, you need to know about the classes that are the foundation of plug-ins.
• The browser will now show proper thumbnails when selecting a plug-in for a plug-in parameter, based upon the current layer. In addition, thumbnails for transformations, formulas and coloring algorithms are now also generated based upon the current layer where possible. This shows you exactly how the layer would look with any of the available items in the browser. A disadvantage is that these dynamically generated thumbnails cannot be cached, so you might want to turn the feature off. You can configure this in the Browser tab of the Options dialog.
• The browser will now calculate multiple thumbnails at the same time, depending on the amount of processors/cores in your computer. This greatly increases the speed at which thumbnails are generated.
• The layers list now remembers its scroll position when switching between different fractal windows.
• Right-clicking on a layer in the layers list will now correctly select that layer.
• Removed Server.exe program because it used to trigger false virus warnings with some anti-virus solutions. Instead, the installer now just creates shortcuts that launch Ultra Fractal in server mode.
• Added How to Print item to the File menu for fractal windows that opens a new Printing topic in the help file with information on how to print fractals.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed bug when loading parameter sets that caused the progress bar to stay at 0% all the time, instead of actually showing the loading progress.
• Fixed bug that could cause Explore and Eyedropper previews to be incorrect in fractal animations with a different frame rate than 30 fps. (Extended Edition only.)
• Fixed bug that caused enabled and visible settings for parameters in an inherited class that tested class inheritance for another parameter not to work correctly.
• Fixed bug that caused formula parameters of integer type to work incorrectly with negative values.
• Fixed bug that caused a crash when a formula contained a string in the middle of statements.

Ultra Fractal v5.04
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