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Next Limit Maxwell Renderer v2.5 (Win/Lin/Mac) + Plug-Ins (Win/Lin)
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (20.12.10)
Next Lmit Maxwell Renderer v2.5 (Win/Lin/Mac) + Plug-Ins (Win/Lin)

Program Name: Next Limit Maxwell Renderer v2.5 + Plug-Ins
Program Type: Rendering
Developer: Next Limit S.L.
Release Date: 19.12.20100
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows | Linux x64 | Macintosh
File Size: 105.09Mb / 110.31Mb / 129.74Mb / 130.26Mb / 223.96Mb / 47.93Mb

Maxwell Render представляет собой движок визуализации, основанный на математических уравнениях, описывающих прохождение света, а это означает, что все элементы, такие как источники, материалы и камера, являются производными от физически точных моделей. Maxwell Render является объективным, так что никакие уловки для решения расчёта освещения на каждый пиксель сцены не используются, результат всегда будет таким, как это было бы в реальности. Maxwell Render может полностью захватить все взаимодействия света между свеми элементами сцены, и все вычисления освещения будут выполняться с использованием спектральной информации и данных высокого динамического диапазона.

Благодаря своим особенностям, Maxwell Render позволяет пользователям создавать точные и весьма реалистичные изображения. Maxwell Render является признанным стандартом в архитектурной визуализации, разработке продуктов, ювелирных изделий, создания фильмов, научно-исследовательских и других рынках, и лидером в области качества визуализации.

Maxwell Render принимает модели и сцены, созданные в 3D- или CAD-приложениях. Некоторые из этих приложений поддерживаются посредством плагина Maxwell Render, другие могут быть использованы в сочетании с Maxwell Render путем импорта геометрии в Maxwell Studio, компонента программы.


Maxwell Render is a rendering engine based on the mathematical equations governing light transport, meaning that all elements, such as emitters, materials and cameras, are derived from physically accurate models. Maxwell Render is unbiased, so no tricks are used to calculate the lighting solution in every pixel of a scene; the result will always be a correct solution, as it would be in the real world. Maxwell Render can fully capture all light interactions between all elements in a scene, and all lighting calculations are performed using spectral information and high dynamic range data.

Due to its very nature, Maxwell Render enables users to create accurate and extremely realistic images. Maxwell Render is a recognized standard in architectural visualization, product design, jewelry, film production, scientific research and other high-end rendering markets, and the leader in render quality.

Maxwell Render is a rendering engine that accepts models and scenes created in 3D or CAD applications. Several of these applications are directly supported through a Maxwell Render plug-in; others can be used in conjunction with Maxwell Render by importing the geometry into Maxwell Studio, a component of the software.

Key features:
Maxwell Fire (Fast Interactive Rendering). See instant results while setting up a scene with truly interactive previews. New inside version 2.5 is Maxwell Fire - our Fast Interactive Rendering technology Users can preview scene lighting and materials in seconds. And unlike other interactive style renderers, Maxwell Fire is compatible with ALL Maxwell materials and features, is entirely CPU based, is no extra cost to the user and is truly interactive being integrated in both Maxwell Studio and plug-ins.
Multi-processor, Multi-platform and Extensive range of Plug-ins. Maxwell Render can exploit all the processors available on your system, is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bits), Mac OSX and Linux (64 bits), and connects via plug-ins to the most popular 3D, CAD and Postproduction applications. Currently, 14 different plug-ins are available for free with the software.
Multilight and Color Multilight. Don’t re-render – adjust the lights in real time. The Multilight feature removes the need to re-render images when light changes are required. Multilight allows the user to change intensities of individual lights and multiple scene emitters during and after the rendering process, eliminating the need to run various renders to tweak the lighting set up. A recent addition to this is Color Multilight, which enables users to edit the color of emitters in real time. These features give users infinite possibilities saving numerous different lighting versions of the same scene without rendering it over and over again. The Multilight feature is the first of its kind in a commercial render engine and it is extremely powerful.
Maxwell Materials. Based on real optical properties, creating unrivaled realism. The Maxwell Material Editor offers real-life parameters that define the materials in a natural and accurate way. It is possible to create Sub-Surface Scattering effects (see below), thin layers, light-emitting materials and advanced stacked materials.
A material in Maxwell Render can consist of several components, one stacked above the other much like layers in an image editing application. This makes it very easy and intuitive to create interesting and complex materials, such as a rust material showing through a car paint material, or applying a logo on top of a combination of different materials. A large library with thousands of free, ready-to-use materials is also available.
Networking. In high-end productions, it is often necessary to distribute a render job over a number of machines in a farm to quickly obtain all the frames needed for a sequence or to calculate a very large image. Maxwell Render’s networking capabilities are very powerful (more computers equals more speed in a very linear way), and very flexible - networking is multi-platform allowing a mixture of Windows, Mac and Linux systems to be connected together. The software’s wizard system makes setting a network job a straightforward task. With networking, you can tell Maxwell to render the same image on all your computers (cooperative rendering), or each computer can render one frame of an animation.
Physical Sky System. The Physical Sky system in Maxwell Render uses a novel approach, offering a wide range of real-life and physically correct parameters to control the look of the sky and the subsequent lighting in the scene. Results range from common Earth values to exaggerated fantasy skies. Users can create pre-sets of sky settings to quickly load a new sky, or share their pre-sets with other users. It’s also possible to save the current sky as an HDR map.
Realistic Camera Model. Maxwell Render simulates a real camera with the associated parameters, such as f-stop, focal length, shutterspeed, etc. By using this type of camera model Maxwell Render can automatically simulate depth of field, natural 3d motion blur, and other effects. With Maxwell Render’s camera model, it is very straightforward to match the lighting levels of a real photo with a render. If you are familiar with photography you will feel right at home!
Maxwell Displacement. Displacement is a powerful texture-driven tool that can help users to create real geometric detail on objects on-the-fly while rendering. As opposed to many other displacement solutions currently available in the industry, Maxwell Render offers you its very own, unique displacement technology which is capable of simulating any detail without extra memory consumption.
In addition, Maxwell Displacement has very few parameters and is very comfortable to control.
Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS). Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS) simulates the effect of light entering a translucent object and scattering inside it. It is a crucial component that allows users to accurately simulate many kinds of materials including plastics, marble, milk and skin. Subsurface scattering in V2 has a special mode which can handle single-sided geometry. This mode is very suitable for leaves, lampshades, paper, and curtains amongst others. The new Thin SSS mode also has the advantage of rendering faster than normal subsurface scattering. The SSS component in Maxwell Render follows an entirely new approach compared to any other SSS system currently available, offering unprecedented, photorealistic effects in material creation.
Simulens. Advanced bloom and glare controls that bring a new level of realism and quality.
Simulens allows the user to define a pattern to simulate the shape of the camera diaphragm that will model the pattern of light reaching the camera film, creating realistic lens diffraction effects (glare). Users can add a second pattern which defines ‘obstacles’ in the lens such as dust, fingerprints or eyelashes adding to a more realistic diffraction effect.
Maxwell Render and RealFlow. Maxwell Render is compatible “out of the box” with Next Limit’s own RealFlow software, giving RF users an option to use Maxwell as their render engine of choice. Procedural geometry and meshes can be generated at render time, and it is also possible to render individual fluid particles, resulting in an easy and accelerated workflow.

• THE MAXWELL RENDERING ENGINE: This component is called “Maxwell.exe” in Windows, “” in Mac and “Maxwell” in Linux.
• PLUG-INS: Maxwell Render connects to the most popular 3D and CAD applications through a range of free plug-ins. See below for a complete list.
• MXED: MAXWELL MATERIAL EDITOR: Standalone material editor with material browser and powerful, physically correct materials.
• MAXWELL STUDIO: Sophisticated scene editor with a full 3D environment, allowing the user to manipulate objects, set up lights, apply materials, specify camera and environment settings and send to render. An alternative workflow to employ applications that do not have a Maxwell Render plug-in.

Plug-ins 3D/CAD:
- 3ds Max (7, 8, 9, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011);
- VIZ (06, 07, 08) Maya (8.5, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011);
- LightWave (8.x and 9.x);
- Rhinoceros (4 SR5 and 5 WIP);
- Cinema 4D (R9.6 and up);
- SolidWorks (2007 s.p.3.1, 2008, 2009,2010 and 2011);
- Form Z (6.1 and up, 6.7 recommended);
- SketchUp (6 and 7);
- ArchiCAD (10, 11, 12 and 13);
- Softimage (6.01, 7.0, 2010 and 2011);
- Modo (302 and 401);
- Houdini (10).
Plug-ins Post-processing
- Nuke (5 and 6);
- Photoshop (CS3, CS4 and CS5);
- After Effects (CS3, CS4 and CS5).
via Maxwell Studio
Import objects into Maxwell Studio to create, edit and assign materials, set up lights and cameras and send the scene to Maxwell for rendering. Currently supported file formats are .obj, .stl, .lwo, .nff, .xc2, .mxs, .dxf, .3ds, .xml, .fbx, .ply, .dae, .bin, .sd and .dem
Other Maxwell Render plug-ins developed and/or available through third parties include:
- AllPlan;
- solidThinking.

System Requirements:
Windows (32 and 64)
- Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008;
- 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor, Athlon 64 AMD or better;
- 1GB RAM minimum. 2 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended;
- 400 MB available hard disk space for installation;
- 3 button mouse recommended.
Linux 64
- x86_64 distribution with a 2.6 Kernel and glibc 2.5;
- 2Ghz Intel Core 2, AMD Athlon 64 or better;
- X server with accelerated OpenGL drivers;
- 1 GB RAM minimum. 4 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended;
- 300 MB available hard disk space for installation;
- 3 button mouse recommended.
Macintosh (32 and 64)
- Mac OSX 10.5 and up;
- G4, G5 or Intel CPU. G5 or Intel is strongly recommended;
- 1 GB RAM minimum. 2 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended;
- 400 MB available hard disk space for installation;
- 3 button mouse recommended.







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