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Digital Juice VideoTraxx HD 1 (25DVDs)
Effects » Video FX | автор: anonymous (6.12.10)
Digital Juice VideoTraxx HD 1 (25DVDs)
Release Name: Digital Juice VideoTraxx HD Part Install-24 DVD9-TSG
Type: Footage Library
Release Date: 2009
File Format: .iso (.mov)
File Size: 180Gb (25DVDs)

VideoTraxx HD 1 - Огромная библиотека футажей на 25 DVD, включающая 700 HD-клипов самого высокого качества. Все клипы были засняты камерой Phantom HD super Slow Motion с частотой от 30 до 1000 кадров в секунду, что предоставляет бесчисленные опции редактирования. Все футажи в библиотеке разделены на 20 категорий.
VideoTraxx HD 1 - Digital Stock Footage Library. If you have any other Digital Juice packages, you know we don't play around when we decide to do a big library. We are out to make the biggest, best, and most affordable content libraries in the world. VideoTraxx HD turns the industry standard pricing and clip counts on its head. This first volume includes over 700 high definition clips on 25 DVDs! This package is like no other library currently available in the world at ANY price, let alone the jaw-dropping pricing and deals you'll get at Digital Juice!

No matter what format you need - HD, Standard Definition, or even Web - VideoTraxx HD has got you covered. Provided at 1920x1080 Progressive means that through our free Juicer software you can quickly and painlessly output any resolution and frame rate you demand. Whether that's NTSC, Letterbox, PAL, or any HD Standard you're good to go now and well into the future.

Because everything looks just a little cooler when it's in slow motion. It really does! Slowing down the footage often provides greater impact to your message. Your viewers are trained to recognize, and then pay closer attention to increases or decreases in your program's speed. It gives a more dramatic and cinematic feel when applied properly. The results can be very aesthetically pleasing.

Because nearly every shot was acquired at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS) or HIGHER, you know you're going to get the absolute best looking slow motion images possible. With VideoTraxx HD you're given the power and the choice to decide if you need Slow Motion or NOT! Bottom line, you pick whether you want Slow Motion or Real Time and the Juicer will export it out exactly the way you ordered.

VideoTraxx HD was created using two industry leading cameras: Phantom HD from Vision Research & Red One from RED Digital Cinema

Digital Juice VideoTraxx HD 1 (25DVDs)

Key Features:
- 700 High Definition clips on 25 DVD's: A huge collection on your shelf ready for any present and future project.
- Acquired at frame rates between 30 and 1000: Slow motion never fails to add value to any edit sequence.
- Comprehensive collection spanning 21 categories: Flexibility abounds with 20 unique and diverse categories which means there's something for every project.
- Ultra-high resolution 1920x1080 progressive: Your purchase is future proof with clips delivered in a higher resolution than any current broadcast standard.

Содержание дисков / DVDs-contents:

VTXHD_V01INS_R1 (2.24Gb):
/Juicer3 (/RealTime_Previews, /VerySlow_Previews)

VTXHD_V01D01_R1 (7.53Gb):

VTXHD_V01D02_R1 (7.41Gb):

VTXHD_V01D03_R1 (7.25Gb):

VTXHD_V01D04_R1 (7.30Gb):

VTXHD_V01D05_R1 (7.37Gb):

VTXHD_V01D06_R1 (7.40Gb):

VTXHD_V01D07_R1 (7.36Gb):

VTXHD_V01D08_R1 (7.54Gb):

VTXHD_V01D09_R1 (7.56Gb):

VTXHD_V01D10_R1 (7.30Gb):

VTXHD_V01D11_R1 (7.04Gb):

VTXHD_V01D12_R1 (7.44Gb):

VTXHD_V01D13_R1 (7.01Gb):

VTXHD_V01D14_R1 (7.47Gb):
/Hand_to Hand_Combat

VTXHD_V01D15_R1 (7.23Gb):

VTXHD_V01D16_R1 (7.37Gb):

VTXHD_V01D17_R1 (7.48Gb):

VTXHD_V01D18_R1 (7.54Gb):

VTXHD_V01D19_R1 (Gb):

VTXHD_V01D20_R1 (Gb):

VTXHD_V01D21_R1 (7.55Gb):
/Timelapse Scenics

VTXHD_V01D22_R1 (7.39Gb):
/Timelapse Scenics

VTXHD_V01D23_R1 (Gb):

VTXHD_V01D24_R1 (4.99Gb):

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Внимание! Всегда проверяйте антивирусом файлы, которые Вы загружаете! / Attention! Always check files you download with your antivirus software!

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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: cmc (7.12.10 00:35)
    Отлично. Поработаем.

    (#2) написал: Beathan (7.12.10 01:11)
    Fantastic, I can get my missing parts! :)

    (#3) написал: Esex (7.12.10 01:30)

    (#4) написал: shawnla (7.12.10 05:21)
    Looking forward to it.


    (#5) написал: SergVideo (7.12.10 14:49)
    Будет ли возможность скачать DVD по отдельности?

    (#6) написал: nimdA (7.12.10 17:24)
    hi, SergVideo,
    естественно, каждый диск отдельным архивом.
    слово "Part" в названии релиза не означает часть 180-гигабитного архива wink


    внимание: нужно будет поменять метки дисков 1-9, как указано в посте, иначе джусер их не увидит.
    пример для DVD1:
    VTXHD_V01D1_R1 меняем на VTXHD_V01D01_R1

    note: need to change the disk label 1-9, as indicated in post, otherwise juicer not see them.
    for example DVD1:
    change label VTXHD_V01D1_R1 to VTXHD_V01D01_R1

    (#7) написал: gsp2009 (7.12.10 19:25)
    Ты не тот нолик выделил жирным smile
    Я так понял имелось в виду:
    VTXHD_V01D1_R1 меняем на VTXHD_V01D01_R1

    (#8) написал: nimdA (7.12.10 20:02)
    точно! я ошибся.
    жирные нолики поправил :))

    (#9) написал: JOSE BSM (9.12.10 12:00)
    para cuando esta el volumen de food and berage ???

    (#10) написал: agapimu (9.12.10 19:51)

    (#11) написал: JOSE BSM (11.12.10 17:16)
    sorry and berage? plis gracias

    (#12) написал: JOSE BSM (14.12.10 16:10)
    DVD 12 ?PLIS


    (#13) написал: shawnla (17.12.10 01:42)
    Done. Thank you.

    (#14) написал: JOSE BSM (21.12.10 07:54)
    done thank you kindzadza gracias amigo te lo agradesco por subir todos esos volumenes dios te bendiga si podrias resubir estos

    digital juice fonts vol 1 al 10 reupload


    (#15) написал: NickWishmaster (23.12.10 16:54)
    спасибо! все отлично скачалось.

    (#16) написал: Sir Drink ALot (15.01.11 01:59)
    Sweet stuff. Let it come more of this!!

    A true alcoholic can drink without having fun !!

    (#17) написал: kindchow (20.02.11 18:22)
    Please could you re-up disk 20, RAR 38. Thanks!

    (#18) написал: bananit (7.03.11 03:11)
    smile wink smile wink

    (#19) написал: hawkish (18.08.11 11:29)
    #116part08 and 116part20 missing - pls re-upload. THX fellow

    Восточная друзья любят данных,
    можете ли вы загрузить videotraxx HD 116part08 и 116part20,
    благодарю вас от всего сердца!

    (#20) написал: hawkish (19.08.11 15:38)

    ола великих космонавтов - anybody home..? belay

    (#21) написал: Emilioboblitz (10.10.11 19:42)
    Filesonic please !!

    (#22) написал: alehx (7.11.11 22:39)
    and the part13 on volume 09???

    (#23) написал: alehx (2.01.12 06:39)
    DVD 09 Parts 17, 32, 34 y 38???

    (#24) написал: Purgi (17.01.12 04:23)
    DVD 2 is missing file 31...can anyone upload this please?


    (#25) написал: robdeath (12.02.12 15:30)
    Don't bother now - loads missing.

    (#26) написал: Artface (29.03.12 16:50)
    Please the 2. dvd - just one file don't download. vtxhd102.part31.rar

    HELP - HELP wink recourse CPACIBA

    (#27) написал: Artface (29.06.12 11:05)
    PAFTARITE :) HELP vtxhd102.part31.rar

    (#28) написал: Purgi (10.07.12 04:42)
    HELP please....vtxhd102.part31.rar is missing....

    PLEASE:::PLEASE:...some others have also requested this....and depositfiles do not contains any of the files....


    indeed...tons of disks are missing several parts....what a shame since its not worth downloading this collection and no one will be able to reupload the missing parts...


    (#29) написал: Purgi (16.07.12 21:10)
    The most surprising thing is that no ONE even bothers to respond to posts that one leaves here



    (#30) написал: Artface (9.02.13 23:35)
    Hi, Repeat my ask for upload one file. HELP upload vtxhd102.part31.rar



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