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Digital Juice Texture Toolkit 1: the essentials (5DVDs) Updated
Software » Graphics | автор: anonymous (25.10.11)
Digital Juice Texture Toolkit 1: the essentials (5DVDs) Updated
Release Name: Digital Juice Texture Toolkit 1: the essentials
Type: Textures
Release Date: 2010
File Format: .iso (5DVDs)
File Size: 18.7 Gb

Texture Toolkit 1: the essentials - В течение многих лет одним из секретных инструментов, используемым художниками и аниматорами Digital Juice была коллекция бесшовных текстур. Теперь, впервые, этой сокровищнице позволено выйти из дома. Если вы когда-либо смотрели на чистый холст в Photoshop, After Effects, или даже в PowerPoint, и не знали, что делать или с чего начать, то эти более 1000 супер-текстур высокого разрешения из коллекции Texture Toolkit предназначены именно для вас. Все текстуры поставляются с максимальным разрешение 4000x4000 пикселей, большинство из этих текстур бесшовные во всех направлениях и многие из них построены с альфа-каналом, поэтому они могут наслаиваться поверх других изображений для создания уникальных эффектов...
Texture Toolkit 1: the essentials - For years one of the secret weapons used by Digital Juice artists and animators has been our custom collection of seamless textures. Now for the first time, we're letting this treasure trove of possibilities leave home. If you've ever looked at a blank canvas in Photoshop, After Effects, or even in PowerPoint and not known what to do or where to start, the more than 1000 super high-resolution textures in the Texture Toolkit collection are designed just for you. Delivered at a maximum resolution of 4000x4000 pixels, most of these textures are also seamless in all directions and many have a built in alpha so they can be layered on top of other images for unique effects.

Long relegated to the "freebie" bin of the web, GOOD textures - particularly high resolution and seamless textures - can actually be hard to find. These long misunderstood workhorses of the creative industry are an essential tool when working with photos, illustrations, videos and animations of any kind. They can be a subtle accent or add a striking look to a hero element but they are rarely the star of the show. Their main job is to add context and subtext to your creations. Whether used alone as a background or mixed with other textures and images to give depth and sophistication, textures can create a mood without saying a word. The right texture can take a simple photo and make it more dramatic or give a simple object the weather-beaten look of a treasured antique.

Digital Juice Texture Toolkit 1: the essentials (5DVDs) Updated
Digital Juice Texture Toolkit 1: the essentials (5DVDs) Updated

The seamless nature of the majority of the Texture Toolkit textures is essential and it is a key aspect to their usefulness. Just about anyone can create a bad seamless texture. Some computer software can even make some less bad ones. However, most people don't even try, because making a GOOD seamless texture is hard, tedious work. It requires the skill and trained eye of an artist to make a truly seamless and interesting abstract or realistic texture.

A seamless texture is one that can be repeated infinitely without showing any noticeable edge or join between repeating tiles. It can be used to fill as large or as small an area of a graphic as you like. Most seamless textures can tile in both the X and Y directions, while some are designed only to tile horizontally (X), usually across the base or top edge of a graphic area.

In the past, seamless textures were used primarily for desktop wallpaper and web page backgrounds, as well as for adding realism to 3D models and architectural renderings. Nowadays, high resolution textures can be used for a wide variety of design applications including as photo, illustration, animation or video fills and backgrounds, as the base to build a virtual studio or scene for still or motion graphics or as a way to add realistic texture and depth to any part of a designed graphic, whether 2D or 3D, static or moving.

5 DVDs
1036 super high resolution of 4000 pixels by 4000 pixels: Greater flexibility in using textures for demanding applications such as HD video, 3D animation and large format printing and signage.
More than 1000 unique textures classified into 40 sub-themes and created using 29 different styles and techniques: More selection when choosing a texture that will give you the exact look you need to enhance your next project
970 fully seamless (XY) and 55 horizontally seamless (X only) textures: Maximum usefulness with infinitely repeating fills and tiles and texture patterns that work well as border elements
320 textures with some alpha channel transparency: Textures that can be dropped on top of other graphics to add an instant subtle texture or pattern effect without completely obscuring the image below or the need to use blending modes
437 illustrated textures
599 photographic textures
16 different mediums & techniques

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    (#23) написал: nimdA (8.03.11 21:44)
    part06 reuploaded

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    Хотя Есть более недостающее звено из нескольких обновления, которые меня интересуют скачать на этот счет
    но они являются взаимозаменяемыми он будет завершен, то я вам скажу, которые descompleto
    спасибо большое спасибо

    (#25) написал: bolele (11.03.11 21:20)
    Пожалуйста, проверьте DVD01 Pack 1 которой содержится призыв к ссылке 19 до распаковки и не доступны в любом из 2 серверов Извините меня за мои проблемы

    (#26) написал: nimdA (11.03.11 22:32)
    part19 reuploaded
    (parts are compatible)

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    благодаря несколько популярных Манин брата Доминика республики за ответ на мой призыв к увеличению недостающее звено большое спасибо

    2 DVD 2 недостающее звено на 15, 17 Извините, но поскольку все они отсутствуют дата для распаковки спасибо за чтение моего комментария

    (#28) написал: nimdA (12.03.11 17:50)
    all missing parts are reuploaded

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    (#31) написал: Pikachu (24.10.11 20:55)
    please upload again from DVD04 parts 10 and 16.
    ThanX in any case

    (#32) написал: VIDEOMON (24.10.11 23:43)

    dear friend, in Filefactory dvd04 parts 16 and 18 are dead, and Depositfiles when I try download is opened the multicharge page, not open the links page for download, can you reupload again please.
    Tanks for it

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    plz reupload

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    Thank you

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    parts are compatible

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