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DirectUpdate v4.6.5.197 Multilingual
Software | автор: bishop12 (1.11.10)
DirectUpdate v4.6.5.197 Multilingual

Program Name: DirectUpdate v4.6.5.197
Release Date: 2010-10-31
Interface Language: Multilingual (Русский есть)
Platform: WinALL
File Size: 6.78 Mb

DirectUpdate - программа, позволяющая заменить динамический IP-адрес на постоянный, в виде

Как известно, при многих подключениях к Интернету, в каждом сеансе связи компьютеру выделяются разные IP-адреса. DirectUpdate позволяет сделать так, что появится постоянный и удобный для запоминания (DNS-подобный) адрес. Дополнительные возможности включают в себя возможность перезвона при разрыве связи, удаленное управление, отправку уведомлений на e-mail и многое другое..., в том числе установку в Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista/7 в качестве сервиса.


DirectUpdate (DU) is a dynamic dns client updater. It runs transparently on your computer, it periodically checks your IP address, and when a new one is detected, it updates your domain(s) name(s).

Dynamic Dns is a way to have your own domain name (like pointing to your own IP address, even if your IP is dynamically assigned by your ISP. It means you can host your own web/ftp server at home (or any servers you like) and everyone can access it using ""! DU will help you maintain your domain name up to date with your dynamic IP address. It means you can have your own domain name always pointing to your computer IP address. Now, you are able to host your own web server, ftp server, Game server.

- Native NT service (NT4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7) - "Service-like" on 98/Me !
- Remote administration anywhere from the LAN / Internet.
- Local & remote IP detection with user selection (lan dsl/cable router supported).
- Check for availability of newer version.
- Update can be forced every xx days to prevent accounts from being banned.
- Add support for "Wildcard" and "MaileXchanger" ( and only)
- Support of proxy server and proxy server authentication.
- E-mail notification with multiple recipients (; separated) and sender info.
- WebAdmin (basic administration using your browser on port 3280 by default).
- Small & compact executable (the service is only 236 KB !).
- Engine can launch an external app and restart a service when a new IP is detected.
- Text of sent emails can be changed.
- Monitored log file size.
- User selection of log options.
- Fully implemented log file view.
- Integrated help file (to be finished...)
- Add a small tool (DUControl.exe) to start/stop the engine.
- KeepAlive option, to maintain your internet connection up if required.
- Support IP detection via hidden (auto) proxy of ISP.
- Support local IP detection with router direct query !
- Added an extra feature to bypass web IP detection problem (contact me for more info).
- Context-menu (right-click) on accounts window.
- Do not require IE4+ (wininet.dll) anymore !
- Installer & uninstaller.
- Many accounts.

- Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 (win32 or x64).
- TCP/IP protocol installed.

New in DU v4.6.5:
- Fixed a crash in SockEx.dll when using the syslog feature.
- Fixed a crash in DUServ.dll when updating DNS on x64 version.
- Added "cc" and "bcc" recipients when sending emails (prefix address with cc: or bcc:).

DirectUpdate v4.6.5.197 Multilingual

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