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Sound Ideas: The Art of Foley Sound Effects Collection
Effects » Sound FX | автор: nimdA (31.10.10)
Sound Ideas: The Art of Foley Sound Effects Collection
Release Name: Sound Ideas: The Art of Foley Sound Effects Collection
Type: Sound FX, Sound Library
File Format: .wav
File Size: 2.69Gb (Packed: 1.59Gb)

Sound Ideas: The Art of Foley Sound Effects Collection - библиотека на десяти дисках, включающая огромное количество Фоли-эффектов. Это звуковые эффекты, которые добавляются в фильм во время постпродакшн (после окончания съемки). Они включают в себя такие звуки, как шаги, шорох одежды, звон посуды, шорох складывающейся бумаги, открывающиеся и хлопающие двери, удары, звон стекла, шаги, аплодисменты и т.д. и т.п... Другими словами, это набор звуковых эффектов, созданный, чтобы, по возможности, избежать записи во время съёмки.
Sound Ideas: The Art of Foley Sound Effects Collection contains a warehouse full of simulated sounds, both extreme and everyday, for Foley-synchronization and audio sound replacement usage. Featuring a great selection of the very best sound effects from top Foley artist Dan O'Connell of One Step Up, and many gems from the Sound Dogs archives, The Art of Foley will ... Applaud, Break, Bubble, Click, Creak, Crumple, Crush, Drop, Fall, Grind, Hammer, Hit, Impact, Jingle, Kick, Pry, Punch, Rattle, Rip, Rustle, Scrape, Shake, Shriek, Smash, Splash, Squelch, Squish, Step & Swish ... its way into your productions...

Foley effects are sound effects added to the film during post production (after the shooting stops). They include sounds such as footsteps, clothes rustling, crockery clinking, paper folding, doors opening and slamming, punches hitting, glass breaking, etc. etc. In other words, many of the sounds that the sound recordists on set did their best to avoid recording during the shoot.

Sound Effects Content by CD:

FS-01: Applause, Archery, Automobiles, Bags, Basketball, Bells, Belts, Birds, Bone Breaks, Books, Bottles, Brushes, Buckets, Buses
FS-02: File Cabinets, Cans, Carts, Briefcases & Luggage, Ceramic Smashes, Chains, Chairs, Clicks, Cloth Movements, Clothes, Coins, Computer Keyboards, Construction Ambiences, Crashes, Creaks, Desks, Dishes, Dog Movements, Doors, Drapes & Curtains, Drawers, Drills, Drops, Electricity Sparks, Equipment Rattles, Eyeglasses
FS-03: Body Falls, Fax Machines, Footsteps
FS-04: Footsteps
FS-05: Golf, Glass Sounds, Guns, Hammers, Handcuffs, Hits, Human Horror Sounds
FS-06: Horses, Stagecoaches & Wagons, Everybody Human Sounds, Insects, Kicks, Knives, Ladders, Latches, Leaves, Levers, Lighters, Liquids, Locks, Machines, Matches, Metal Sounds
FS-07: Metal Sounds
FS-08: Motors, Nails, Paper Sounds, Pens, Pencils, Ping Pong, Punches, Rattles
FS-09: Cloth Rips, Rocks, Ropes, Safes & Vaults, Sand, Saws, Scissors, Scrapes & Screeches, Shovels, Spins & Twirls, Rubber Squeaks, Flesh Stabs, Swimming & Diving, Swishes, Swords, Tables, Telephones, Turrets, Typewriters, Ventilators
FS-10: Water Sounds, Whistles, Whooshes, Wood Sounds

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The Art of Foley ... A Masterpiece of Props and Motion ... From Sound Ideas

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