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NWDA Preset Packs for Terragen 2
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (3.10.10)
NWDA Preset Packs for Terragen 2

Program Name: NWDA Preset Packs for Terragen 2
Developer: New World Digital Art
Homepage: www.nwdanet.com/buy-packs/7-preset-packs.html
Platform: Terragen 2
File Size: 21.96Mb

Пакет пресетов высокого качества для Terragen 2, с помощью которых вы сэкономите время при построении сложных элементов сцен.


High quality presets packs by NWDA (New World Digital Art), saving you long hours of constructing complex scene elements. Combined with Terragen 2 in your production pipeline, our presets help you meet your goals on time.

Presets packs contains the following:

• 17th Century Dutch Marine Art Atmosphere Pack. This pack is pretty flexible. A great variety of Dutch Marine Art type skies can be created through just one TGD file. However, the flexibility brings complexity, and this document is meant to explain the areas that are available for tuning, and the ranges it supports, while retaining the Dutch Marine Art look and appearance of renders.

• Alpine Mountain Pack (Win/Mac). This pack allows you to create convincing alpine terrains that look just like the real thing. The Alpine Mountain Pack contains the presets needed to create our convincing alpine mountain displacements. In addition, this pack comes with a realistic procedural surface. Whether your camera position is near or far: the package has been designed to hold up even against close-ups. Typically, alpine fractals have a very limited amount of detail, but not so the Alpine Mountain Pack!

• Beach by Dune. Tutorial to create a beach by Dune.

• Big Fat Atmo Pack by Seth (Win/Mac). The package contains a set of presets complete with atmosphere, clouds and the right lighting, to give your scenes those big, fat atmospheres. What's better than a bright blue sky? Well, with a plain blue sky, your eyes will be longing and searching for something interesting to look at above you. The Big Fat Atmo Pack, made by the accomplished Terragen 2 Artist Franck Doassans - aka Seth - is probably the ultimate answer to the question.

• Canyon & Rock Surface Pack by TU (Win/Mac). This pack by Tangled-Universe (TU) offers a complete canyon, including generation of basic shape, displacements, texturing and realistic lighting.

• Class M Planets & Planetary Rings Pack. Inside the package you will find three complete Terragen 2 project files that give you complete control over generating your own, fully procedural class M type planets. Included is a configuration for planetary multi rings. These multi rings are built with a function based color scheme for the rock population, creating the illusion of multiple ring segments. Despite the terrain detail generated by the node network, all projects render really fast.

• Crack Shaders by dandelO (Win/Mac). Here are two scales of crack shaders in Terragen clipfile format(.tgc) and a full project file(.tgd) for this image. The shaders are scaled as 10m and 1m cracks. These can be loaded into almost any Terragen 2 scene to apply convincing cracks to any given surface.

• Cumulus Atmosphere Pack v2 (Win/Mac).. The "Cumulus Atmosphere Pack v2" contains the following cloud types: Cumulonimbus (close up & distant shot), Cumulus Humilis and Saturated Cumulus. All these cloud types have been carefully designed and tweaked to perfection.

• Dirt and Soil Pack by RArcher. If you are looking to create believable, entirely procedural soil, dirt, or dirt clumps, this Tech Pack is for you. RArchers pack let's you add an incredibly detailed surface to your renders, which is easy to integrate into existing scenes at the same time. The pack comes with three preset variations for the dirt clump style, and one color variation for red dirt.

• Fake Stone and Dust Pack (Win/Mac). This pack, made by established TG2 artist "Seth", is both an artistic and practical approach to fine grain dusty rubble to enhance your renders with. Featuring two methods, one for artistic stills, another for faster rendering animations, the Fake Stone & Dust Pack produces convincing results.

• Fake Stone and Hero Rock Pack v2. This pack is an extremely versatile set of clip files, that enable you to easily integrate top class, user configurable rock beds into your own scenes. The pack also features a "Hero Rock", that can easily be placed exactly where you want the hero rock to appear in your own scenes.

• Fantasy Clouds by RArcher. This pack is provided to you free of charge by our partner artist RArcher. It contains four tgd project files containing a collection of otherworldly and stunning skies. The following projects are included and are easy to modify or simply re-seed to make your own personal wild fantasy sky.

• FrankB's (Frank Basinski, NWDA founder) Advanced Cracks. What it does is that the network gives you cracks and tiles, like you see them on dried out surfaces. Usually the voronoi based noise function generate structures like that, but troubles it that the crack lines are usually way to thick to be used in any sort of realistic render.

• Nvseal Global Clouds Pack (Win/Mac). This pack is the ideal add-on to the Nvseal Planets Pack, which is the most realistic set of procedural planets ever seen with Terragen 2. Nvseal planets have been used in various productions, and are fully animateable and detailed from space down to the surface. Now, with the Clouds Packs, you can add very realistic, yet completely procedural global cloud patterns to your planets!

• Nvseal Planets Pack (Win/Mac). Nvseal's Planet Pack is the most realistic set of procedural planets ever seen with Terragen 2. Nvseal planets have been used in various productions, and are fully animateable and detailed from space down to the surface. The Planets Pack comes with 2 distinct rendering concepts, 2, displacement styles, 3 surfacing type variants and 2 add-ons.

• NWDA Default Project. Every TG2 Project starts with the default scene that ships with Terragen 2. The NWDA Default Scene is designed to increase productivity and quality in your creation process, with a number of useful optimizations and additions.

• Overcast Skies Pack (Win/Mac). The Overcast Skies Pack gives you 4 flavours of overcast skies with well balanced diffuse lighting. It comes with optimized clouds, cloud shapes and cloud lighting, optimal camera and lighting settings. Simple as plug and play, these clip files can be added to your scenes easily. All skies contain only one cloud layer and therefore are rendering relatively fast (faster than a multi cloud layer setup).

• Sand Shader Pack. The Sand Shader Pack is a library of 12 color, and 2 shape variations of realistic procedural sand, providing you with 24 unique choices of highly detailed sand for your TG2 scenes. The package has been thoroughly developed by Tangled-Universe, and elaborately optimized for a great variety of choices for you to pick from. The sand is encapsulated in just one shader, providing you with maximum ease-of-use.

• Simon`s Large Cloud. Made using FrankB's help and some of Luc's settings. It has a distance shader connected to a camera for cloud placement

• Sky Starter Pack (Win/Mac). Six fine balanced and detailed skies for you to choose from, that should fit for many scenarios right out of the box. Whether you are new to Terragen 2, or an advanced professional: you know all too well that the 3 built-in cloud types in TG2 are merely a starting point for creating a really good looking, convincing and realistic sky for your Terrragen 2 scene. It starts with figuring out the intrinsic details of the available cloud fractal flavours, goes on to messing with the correct lighting and optimizations of the atmosphere.

• Sunset Atmosphere Pack. "Sunset Atmosphere Pack" contains two major themes and five optimized tgd project files - Winter Cold & Tropical Sunset.

• Sunset Pack II (Win/Mac). The NWDA Sunset II Pack provides you with six easy to use Terragen 2 presets, ready to be integrated into your scenes, with beautiful colors embedded in very detailed skies. All six sunsets comes as full tgd's and also as Terragen Clip Files. These skies are much more than just the cloudscapes: also the sunlight, enviironment lights and camera settings have been carefully balanced and included in the clip files. These integrations make the Sunset II Pack so easy to use and easy to customize to you taste.

• TU Snow Pack. This pack (by Tangled Universe) is a high quality Terragen 2 preset that is so much more than the regular white colored surface layer that you see in other renders. TU Snow is an extremely realistic, three dimensional and yet procedural snow for your advanced Terragen 2 renders.

• Wild Clouds Pack by RArcher (Win/Mac). This pack will allow you to easily create uniquely powerful turbulent skies. Multiple cloud layers, fine tuned to play in concert in order to give you extremely stunning wild skies, and a great variety of lighting and shadow effects.

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