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Avid NewsCutter v9.0.3
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (1.10.10)
Avid NewsCutter v9.0.3
Program Name: Avid NewsCutter v9.0.3
Program Type: Video editing
Release Date: 2010/09/30
Developer: Avid Technology
Homepage: www.avid.com/US/products/NewsCutter-Software
Language: English
Platform: Windows
File Size: 1.24Gb

Avid NewsCutter - Эффективность редактирования новостей зависит от быстроты мышления, точности и сплочённой совместной работы. NewsCutter - видео-редактор, специально предназначенный для работы в трансляции новостей, дает вам все инструменты, необходимые для создания убедительных новостных пакетов.

Тесная интеграция с новостной системой автоматизации, а также поддержка открытых и эффективных технологических процессов производства, делает программное обеспечение NewsCutter идеальным инструментом для вещания независимых станций и международных СМИ-организаций.

Системы Avid NewsCutter являются признанным стандартом в нелинейном информационном производстве. В них реализовано много функций, которые позволяют значительно экономить время. Создание разных вариантов подачи материала, профессиональные эффекты, скорость и качество - далеко не все достоинства систем

Данные системы легко интегрируется с системой Avid iNews, newsroom computer system (NRCS). Объединение систем нелинейного монтажа NewsCutter в сетевые комплексы с общим дисковым массивом Avid Unity for News обеспечивает возможность обращения к одному и тому же материалу одновременно с десятков монтажных станций и обмена данными между различными устройствами.

Avid NewsCutter ХР
Это решение основано на программном обеспечении и предназначено для монтажа новостных материалов как в студии, так и на выезде. Оно может работать в составе сетевых комплексов на базе общего дискового массива Avid Unity for News и позволяет создавать эффекты и выполнять цветокоррекцию в реальном времени. Блок ускорителя Mojo DNA обеспечивает подключение компонентного, композитного и S-video-сигналов.


Avid NewsCutter - Whether you're a news editing pro, a producer, or a journalist you need a straightforward editing tool designed for the speed of high-pressure broadcast news editing. Avid NewsCutter video editing software gives you all the tools you need to deliver award-winning news packages, whether at the scene or on the desktop. Engineered for fast-turnaround conditions without compromising quality, NewsCutter software is the ideal storytelling tool and the proven standard for newsroom-connected, high-efficiency news editing.

Editing news stories depends on fast thinking, accuracy, and teamwork. Designed for high-pressure broadcast news editing, NewsCutter video editing software gives you all the tools you need to deliver compelling news packages - from the field or in the newsroom. Tight integration with newsroom automation systems and playout servers, ultra-fast media acquisition, and support for open and efficient production workflows make NewsCutter software the ideal storytelling tool for independent stations and worldwide media organizations alike.

An array of special news editing and voiceover tools, native format support for XDCAM , P2, DVCPRO HD, Canon, QuickTime, and GFCAM format media, metadata, cards and discs, and integrated media management help you stay relaxed and focused on telling the best story. Avid's Open Timeline and mix and match real-time transcoding let you simply use material regardless of the format - and concentrate on the editing. When it’s crunch time, the FrameChase feature lets you start editing just seconds after an ingest begins. And NewsCutter editing is fast, with a host of time-saving features and keyboard shortcuts, including direct drag-and-drop of clips in the timeline. Completed stories go to air with a simple Send to Playback command, or use the included Sorensen Squeeze software to get your story to the Web

- Speed High-performance news-focused editing without compromising creativity.
- Newsroom integration Tight linkage with newsroom computer systems for a more efficient workflow and improved newscast accuracy.
- Open integration Interface and interconnect with third parly systems and components, including common and emerging acquisition formats.
- Collaborative power Support for the Avid HD News production environment means the smoothest end-to-end workflow in the business - and total workgroup connectivity with access to media anywhere, from anywhere.
- Format flexibility Avid Media Access support for XDCAM EX/HD, P2/ AVC-lntra, Canon XF, and GFCAM formats and MXF and QuickTime-wrapped files for the ultimate in fast and easy acquisition to editing workflow—on the laptop and on the scene.

New in version 9.0
- SMPTE 436-compliant ancillary "data track" (including closed captions)
- Native support for QuickTime including ProRes
- AVCHD import
- AMA plug-in support for Canon camcorder
- AMA plug-in support for XDCAM proxies with high res audio
- AMA plug-In support for MXF Op1A flies
- Drag and Drop timeline editing
- Simplified multi-channel audio support
- XDCAM 50, DVCPRO HD capture from baseband

Editing interface - Edit faster with the most efficient, accurate, and flexible editing interface available - including a very responsive timeline. Work the way you want with the mouse, screen buttons or keyboard shortcuts, with full customization of screen and keyboard layouts to speed things up further.

News editing tools - NewsCutter includes streamlined editing tools designed for fast turnaround of news packages. With its intuitive interface and fast learning curve, NewsCutter lets editors of every experience level get up and running quickly.

Native HD codec support - Start editing immediately with native XDCAM HD, AVC-Intra, HDV, Canon, and GFCAM support in progressive 720p, 1080p and interlaced formats. No need to transcode, even when mixing codecs.

Avid Media Access (AMA) file-based format support - Save time and maintain quality with direct mounting of removable camera media and supporting devices. Access P2, XDCAM, Canon, QuickTime, and GFCAM media files directly from discs or cards, along with all metadata. Edit the media in its native format without importing, and play out or write back directly to disk/card.

Sharing media, projects, and ideas - Unlike most competitive editing applications, NewsCutter is designed for collaboration, and seamless integration with Unity media networks means true collaboration on any scale. Multiple editing systems can play and edit the same file, and even capture to the same volume, simultaneously.

Shared bins and projects - Because media bins (folders) are not linked to specific projects or users, editors working in a Unity environment can open bins from other projects, without having to copy media. And they can give other editors access to their bins, even while they are in use.

Color Correction - Save time and retain quality with a fully integrated 10-bit color correction toolset. Use the one-click analysis tool to automatically correct each clip in a sequence, or the Avid-exclusive NaturalMatch to quickly and accurately match shots.

Titles and graphics - Complete all elements of your news story in your editing software. Add lower thirds, titles, and graphics using the fully integrated and easy-to-use tools. Create and save templates for a consistent, branded look and feel.

Market leadership - Avid knows about professional content creation. We have been in this industry over 20 years, and NewsCutter has defined nonlinear news editing from the beginning. More news, TV and film productions are created using Avid tools than with those from any other company.

Industry focus - Avid is focused on the people and enterprises that make, manage, and move media. We are dedicated to creating innovative products and solutions that help professionals in this industry do their jobs more efficiently and to the highest quality.

Changed in Avid NewsCutter v9.0.3
The following have been updated with this editor release:
• Support for ISIS 5000 Shared Storage - This release has been qualified with the ISIS 5000.
• Effects Supporting 16-bit Processing - The following effects support 16-bit processing:
- Image\Blur Effect
- Image\Mosaic Effect
- Image\Paint Effect
- Image\Scratch Removal Effect
- Image\Spot Color Effect
- Key\Animatte
• Simplified Editor Installer (Macintosh)

System Requirements (Windows):
- Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer or laptop
- OS: Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), XP Professional SP2/SP3 (32-bit), Vista Business SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit), Vista Ultimate SP2 (64-bit)
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz processor or faster
- Memory: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB of RAM recommended; Windows Vista requires 4 GB of RAM)
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX family (FX 560 or higher)
- Internal Hard Drive: Minimum 80 GB 7200 rpm hard disk

Avid NewsCutter v9.0.3

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