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WinMount v3.4.0831 (for 32-bit)
Software | автор: nimdA (5.09.10)
WinMount v3.4.0831 (for 32-bit)
Program Name: WinMount v3.4.0831 (for 32-bit)
Program Type: CD/DVD emulation
Release Date: 09-04-2010
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinALL
File Size: 3.8Mb

WinMount- программа для создания виртуальных дисков в вашей системе из любого архива или файл-образа. Это удобно, так как можно работать с файлами в архиве без необходимости непосредственного извлечения. Поддерживает работу практически со всеми форматами файлов-образов: ISO, CUE/BIN, CCD,BWT, MDS, CDI, NRG, PDI B5T и ISZ, а также с архивами ZIP и RAR. Среди дополнительных возможностей WinMount можно отметить поддержку аварийно-спасательных дисков от Norton Ghost и технологии виртуализации VMWare.


WinMount can mount ZIP, RAR,7Z,WIM or ISO file to a new virtual drive so that you can use those files inside directly. You donot need to extract them first. This save your time and disk space. WinMount supports of mounting ZIP, RAR, 7-zip,Wim, ISO, CUE/BIN, MDS/ MDF, CCD, BWT, IMG, NRG, and ISZ formats.You can also create a disk image file and mount it to a new drive.

You can choose if write data back to disk image file or not. This keeps your computer away from virus.For instance, you can mount a ZIP file ,say to a newly created virtual drive. After you execute the corresponding command(File-Mount-Mount Files) in the menu, your operating system will immediately notify you that a new device has been found, and a drive letter say H: will be assigned to it. when the mounting process is finished, you can find all the original files inside that zip file under H:.And WinMount supports packing files.

- MOU - A Highly, Fast, Free compressed format - MOU is a new compression standard that developed by WinMount. A MOU file can be mounted to a virtual path and be opened in an instant.
- Mount - New conception for archives - Mount MOU/RAR/ZIP to a virtual disk or a local folder and using them directly without extraction. We strongly recommend you to convert RAR/ZIP/7Z to MOU, because MOU can be fast mounted.
- WinMount - A compression tool - WinMount supports compressing, decompressing, browsing. Smart decompression is supported.
- WinMount - An image tool - WinMount supports mounting image files to a virtual drive. Such as ISO, BIN/CUE, CCD, BWT, MDS/MDF, NRG, IMG, ISZ etc.
- Audio, CD support - WinMount supports mounting APE/FLAC/WV as a virtual CD and listing all the songs in the virtual drive. Listen to whichever you want and have a good time.
- Other common formats support - WinMount supports mounting VHD (Virtual hard disk), VDI(Virtual Box), VMDK(VMWare) and Microsoft WIM as a virtual disk.
- WMT - Designed for private files - WMT can be created and be opened by WinMount only. Encrypt function is being developed. This format is designed for the private files protection.
- Others - Create and Mount a new blank RAM disk. Mount folder to a virtual disk or a local folder.

Changes in V3.4.0831 (released on Sep. 1, 2010):
1. Display real-time compression rate while compressing;
2. Improve rename operation in WinMount disk;
3. Fix bug: Copy a same name file to WinMount disk will not trigger prompt;
4. Fix bug: Pictures that have been rotated can't be saved in WinMount disk;
5. Fix bug: In advanced compression window, subdirectory can not be deleted;
6. Fix bug: Error path configuration in Win7 PE;
7. Fix bug: WinMount window can't minimize to the tray although there are some mounted disk;
8. Fix bug: ctrl-v, ctrl-c is not available in browser window;
9. Fix bug: Mount some special NRG file will cause system collapse.

WinMount v3.4.0831 (for 32-bit)
WinMount.v3.4.0831.Cracked.x86-F4CG >> >> >>
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