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PictureCode Noise Ninja for Photoshop v2.3.5 (Win32/Wn64)
Software » Graphics | автор: nimdA (5.09.10)
PictureCode Noise Ninja for Photoshop v2.3.5 (Win32/Wn64)
Program Name: PictureCode Noise Ninja for Photoshop v2.3.5
Program Type: Photoshop plug-on
Homepage: www.picturecode.com
Release Date: 2010
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinALL
File Size: 5.4Mb/5.6Mb

Noise Ninja - лучшее решение для подавления шума в цифровых изображениях. Существует два варианта программы: это самостоятельная, standalone-версия и плагин для PhotoShop. Noise Ninja является лидером в своем классе и эффект от её применения воистину волшебен: шум во всех своих проявлениях ослабляется или даже исчезает без следа, в то время как потеря деталей и насыщенности некоторых цветов сведена практически к минимуму.
Noise Ninja - The gold standard for image noise reduction. Noise Ninja is the most effective and productive solution for removing noise and grain from digital photographs and scanned film images. It is a must-have tool for anyone shooting in low-light or fast-action situations - including news, sports, wedding, and event coverage - where high ISO photography is required and the resulting noise compromises the image.

Noise Ninja often yields a two-stop improvement in effective image quality, while preserving important image detail. In addition, it can produce cleaner, smoother enlargements from low-ISO images. Noise Ninja is available as a standalone application, and as a plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and compatible hosts.

Supported cameras and scanners: Noise Ninja works with the images produced from any digital camera or scanner, as long as they utilize a compatible file format.

Supported file formats:
- TIFF: Uncompressed 8/16-bit channels (24/48-bit pixels), RGB/monochrome.

System Requirements:
- Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000
- Pentium-compatible processor (Multiprocessors supported) on all platforms
- 32 megabytes of unused RAM; 256 megabytes recommended.
- 50 megabytes of unused hard disk space for a 5 megapixel image; more for larger images.
- High-color or True-color video card with 800x600 resolution. 1028x768 or higher resolution recommended.

Photoshop Compatibility:
- 32-bit versions of Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, and Elements 3 or later
- 64-bit versions of Photoshop CS4 or CS5

Change log for the plug-in version of Noise Ninja v2.3.5 (July 27, 2010):
- Fixed the "Could not complete the command because there is not enough memory (RAM)" Photoshop error. This was due to interaction with some other 3rd party plug-ins.
- Fixed several GUI errors including not resetting the cursor when exiting the Noise Brush tab, Noise Ninja failing to update the Preview window after certain key press sequences, window layout causing several key dialog features to be hidden (off the page) with certain window sizes, and miscellaneous other GUI bugs

PictureCode Noise Ninja for Photoshop v2.3.5 (Win32/Wn64)
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