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Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate MONSTRO Pack (4DVDs) Updated
Software » Video Apps | автор: Beathan (2.12.10)
Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate MONSTRO Pack (4DVDs) Updated
Program Name: Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate MONSTRO Pack (4DVDs)
Program Type: Video Editing
Interface Language: Multilingual
Platform: Win 7, Vista, XP
File Format: .iso
File Size: 8.3GB + 6.5GB + 5.5GB + 6.8GB

Pinnacle Studio 14 HD MONSTRO Pack (INTERNATIONAL) - A whole set prepared originally by, updated by Beathan for international use, and split from one big 30GB ISO into four DVD-ISOs for convenient use and installation of separate programs.

Build your movie with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection - most advanced product family Pinnacle Studio. In addition to the rich possibilities of Studio Ultimate's collection includes a complete set of plug-ins and green leaf Chromium-Kay for more complex effects, editing and video production. With the new user friendly interface, to create high-quality movies in high definition has become even easier. You can add stunning effects, transitions, animation and sound in format Dolby Digital 5.1, thanks to the latest technologies Avid, used in the professional line of products for video editing. Impress the audience with their creations in widescreen format. Opportunities to export video in no way limited, as well as your creativity: from the Blu-ray and AVCHD to YouTube, iPod, Nintendo Wii, etc.

• animated titles, new titles, DVD menus, effects, and more than 80 templates Montage
• capture stop-overs to create stunning animation effects, and effects of acceleration
• Fluid - image stabilization technology from Avid, used in most movies
• Sound Dolby Digital 5.1
• recording discs Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD
• placing videos on YouTube (export widescreen video) export to the Internet, MP3 audio files, etc.
• Export video format Flash, QuickTime, AVCHD, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and other
• animation, effects and transitions Hollywood with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate and a full set of plug-Red Giant (ToonIt, Knoll Light Factory, Magic Bullet Looks, Trapcode Shine, 3D Stroke, Particular)

Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate MONSTRO Pack (4DVDs) Updated

Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate MONSTRO Pack (4DVDs) Updated

Systems preparation
1 Install QuickTime 7.66
2 Install Main Concept H264 v.2 codek
3 Install AMT Rus Fonts Collection
4 Install Mplayer Classic HC
5 Install PICVideo v.4
6 Install Adobe Reader v.9.3 MULTI
7 Install DirectX June2010
8 Install WMV 9 VCM
9 Install UDF 2.5
10 Install KMPlayer 2.94.1437

1 Install An AMT Fix for Windows XP 32 bit RUS
2 Pinnacle Systems Keys / Pixie /
3 Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate
4 Bonus Content
5 Hollywood FX keys
6 Hollywood FX vol.1
7 Hollywood FX vol.2
8 Hollywood FX vol.3
9 Pinnacle Title Extreme
10 Pinnacle Score Fitter vol.1
11 Pinnacle Score Fitter vol.2
12 Pinnacle Score Fitter vol.3
13 Pinnacle Sound FX
14 Boris Graffiti Vol.5.2
15 Mercalli Expert ProDAD
16 Mercalli Expert ProDAD lin.key
17 Montage Theme Pixel 63
18 Heroglyph ProDAD v.2630
19 Heroglyph ProDAD Creative Pack Vol.1
20 Heroglyph ProDAD Creative Pack Vol.2
21 Heroglyph ProDAD Creative Pack Vol.3
22 Heroglyph ProDAD Creative Pack Vol.4
23 Heroglyph ProDAD Creative Pack Vol.5
24 Heroglyph ProDAD lic.key
25 Vitascene ProDAD
26 Vitascene ProDAD lic.key
27 Adorage ProDAD effects pligin
28 Adorage ProDAD transitions plugin
29 Adorage VM collection
30 Adorage VM HD Vol.1 (Digital Juice Swipes)
31 Adorage VM HD Vol.2 (Digital Juice Swipes)
32 Adorage VM HD Vol.3 (Digital Juice Swipes)
33 Adorage VM Vol.4 (Digital Juice Swipes)
34 Adorage VM HD Vol.5 (Digital Juice Swipes)
35 Adorage ProDAD HD vol.10
36 Adorage ProDAD HD vol.11
37 Pinnacle Winter Pack
38 Pinnacle Creative Pack v.1
39 Pinnacle Creative Pack v.2
40 Pixellan Effects & Transitions
41 AMT Alpha Magic
42 JP's effects
43 Boris Graffiti update 5.2.3
44 Mercalli ProDAD 1019 service
45 Adorage ProDAD service pack
46 Vitascene ProDAD 1046 service
47 26.QuickTracks Plugin V.3090
48 SmartSound Pinnacle Music Plugin
49 AMT SSTool (charged)

System Requirements
• Operating system Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP2), Windows XP (SP3)
• Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz or higher recommended) - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz recommended for AVCHD - Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz or Intel Core i7 is required for AVCHD 1920
• 1 GB of RAM is recommended 2 GB required for AVCHD
• DirectX 9 or 10 compatible graphics card with 64 MB (128 MB or higher recommended) - 128 MB is required for plug-Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks: video card with support for Pixelshader 2, built with Intel GMA graphics card is not supported. - 256 MB required for HD and AVCHD
• DirectX 9 compatible sound card
• 3.6 GB of disk space
• DVD-drive for software installation
• Optional:
◦ CD-RW drive for burning Video CD or Super Video CD (S-VCD)
◦ DVD-RW drive for burning DVD and AVCHD
◦ burner Blu-ray burner for creating Blu-ray
◦ sound card with surround sound output required for preview of surround sound mixes

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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: Beathan (4.08.10 12:22)
    Hi, there is an alternative source for PS14 MONSTO INTERNATIONAL pack 4 DVDs set on Hotfile:

    Good luck!

    (#2) написал: sergbolshoy (5.08.10 19:02)
    качаю, посмотрим монстра... smile

    (#3) написал: murom (5.08.10 21:31)
    А где ссылки для закачки?Открывается вот эта страница

    (#4) написал: nimdA (5.08.10 21:42)
    hi, murom,

    (#5) написал: sergbolshoy (6.08.10 07:28)
    murom, я контейнер получил без проблем...
    Народ, видел этого же монстра на торенте так на 10 гигов больше в чём разница, никто не сталкивался?

    (#6) написал: sergbolshoy (12.08.10 18:30)
    спасибо скачал...

    (#7) написал: charly2 (21.08.10 00:35)

    (#8) написал: Beathan (23.08.10 16:42)
    New Hotfile link: ps14Monstro4DVDs

    (#9) написал: aaronlbs (28.08.10 17:06)
    the hotfile link not working

    (#10) написал: NickWishmaster (28.08.10 18:19)

    (#11) написал: Beathan (31.08.10 16:33)
    HF is deleted as abused unfortunatelly (they did it immediately!)

    (#12) написал: orangenhaendler (18.09.10 14:26)

    (#13) написал: redvan (12.10.10 19:45)

    (#14) написал: Beathan (2.12.10 15:17)
    New RS links:

    (#15) написал: gorki (2.12.10 21:41)
    По описанию полная..Весит наше сборка 32ГБ..

    (#16) написал: YOUNG (5.01.11 17:59)
    Дайте кто-нибудь ссылку на Letitbit, пожалуйста

    (#17) написал: PremierePRO (16.01.11 23:54)
    Please hotfile link !!!!

    (#18) написал: Mamont99 (25.03.11 12:56)
    Спасибо Вам,большое,спасибо!!!!!!!! Супер!!!!!!!!

    (#19) написал: dony62 (28.03.11 08:05)
    Подскажите что с этим делать. Скачался ссылке ps14m.rar 241kb.

    (#20) написал: nimdA (28.03.11 14:55)
    hi, dony62,

    DLC-контейнеры - это зашифрованные ссылки.
    открываешь их JDownloader-ом ( и скачиваешь

    (#21) написал: bot_Bob (2.11.11 11:30)
    Подскажите где посмотреть номер ICQ

    Как скачать Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate MONSTRO Pack (4DVDs) Updated

    (#22) написал: Worrietrewise (25.11.11 21:30)
    Все, что сломано, делалось без терпения.


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