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Topaz DeNoise v5.0.0 (Win/Mac)
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (2.08.10)
Topaz DeNoise v5.0.0 (Win/Mac)

Program Name: Topaz DeNoise v5.0.0
Developer: Topaz Labs
Release Date: 02.08.2010
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinAll/Mac OS X
File Size: 22Mb / 43.92Mb

Topaz DeNoise - один из лучших плагинов для борьбы с цифровыми шумами разработаный для Adobe Photoshop. Плагин использует несколько алгоритмов обработки изображения в зависимости от формата исходного материала, имеет несколько уровневую систему корректировки изображения - что несомненно даст возможность профессионалам оценить все прелести данного плагина. Для неопытных пользователей специально есть вкладка с уже готовыми преднастройками в зависимости от формата файла.

DeNoise использует новый мощный метод фильтрации шумов на основе собственных алгоритмов, созданных с учетом новых технологий появившихся за последние годы. Просто и эффективно снижает шумы на изображениях при этом не снижая качество деталей.


Topaz DeNoise is a new and highly effective way to remove digital image noise. It utilizes very recent developments in noise reduction technology that focuses on removing the most noise while preserving the most image detail.

The extraordinary noise reduction and detail retention capabilities of Topaz DeNoise help photographers realize their artistic vision without worrying about technical details like image noise.

Topaz DeNoise's unique noise reduction technology examines the entire image to help determine the difference between noise and detail in a photo.

Low-light no-flash photography is notorious for having severe noise problems even with high-end cameras. Topaz DeNoise solves this problem by providing a complete noise elimination solution that still preserves every single detail.

Topaz DeNoise also includes many different presets and the ability to save and create your own presets. Included presets like Raw Normal, sRAW Normal, and JPEG HQ make processing photos more efficient, and many user groups share useful presets and settings with each other. The automatic noise detection engine in Topaz DeNoise is also useful for batch processing jobs because it automatically adjusts the level of noise reduction as necessary for each individual image.

- Topaz DeNoise supports both 8-bit and 16-bit RGB color modes.
- Topaz DeNoise is fully compatible with the latest Photoshop versions on both Mac and Windows. Topaz DeNoise is also fully compatible with - Windows 64-bit Photoshop CS5.
- Topaz DeNoise is a smart filter and supports non-destructive editing by using Photoshop smart objects.
- Topaz DeNoise is completely optimized for computers with multiple CPUs for faster processing.

Additional program highlights include:
- New user interface. Includes the ability to easily expand and collapse side panels
- and parameter tabs for an adjustable workspace.
- New presets layout. The new preset format features a preset information box.
- Quick slider reset allows you to double-click on the slider name to easily reset
- default slider values.
- Larger image abilities. Significant stability increase for processing large images.
- Simplified slider controls for a more simplified workflow.
- on the image are displayed in the Preview finder.
- Shortcut keys: For example, use the spacebar to switch between the original and the processed images, the + and - keys to zoom in/out of the preview, and the arrow keys to change parameters values.
- Create and save your own presets and include camera profile information, auto-detect, etc.
- Support Presets: which provide one-click action for some common tasks.

New in DeNoise 5.0:
- Speed boost - process images up to 2x's faster than V4.x
- Memory management improvements for use with larger images.
- New Debanding tools - to remove horizontal and vertical banding caused by cameras.
- New correct black levels tool - to restore rich, smooth color to black and shadows.

Topaz DeNoise compatible:
- Adobe Photoshop 7/CS/CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5 (both 32- and 64-bit)
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 1-8
- Paint Shop Pro
- Painter X/11 (preview zoom is not supported)
- PhotoImpact
- PhotoPlus
- Irfanview (freeware)

Topaz DeNoise v5.0.0 (Win/Mac)


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