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O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v5.5.100 iSO-rG
Software | автор: nimdA (29.07.10)
O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v5.5.100 iSO-rG
Release Name: OO DiskImage Professional Edition v5.5.100 iSO-rG
Release Date: 07/2010
Homepage: www.oo-software.com/home/en/products/oodiskimage
Language: English
Platform: WinALL
File Format: .bin/cue
File Size: 334Mb

O&O DiskImage - высококачественное, удобное и функциональное средство резервного копирования дисков. В процессе создания резервной копии O&O DiskImage выполняет сжатие сохраняемых файлов, что гарантирует существенную экономию дискового пространства. Для обеспечения дополнительной безопасности данных могут использоваться механизмы шифрования, включая 128-битные и 256-битные алгоритмы AES, принятые в качестве отраслевых стандартов.

Традиционные системы резервного копирования обеспечивают сохранность отдельных файлов и папок, но не способны восстановить работоспособность операционной системы Windows PC в случае серьезного сбоя. Создаваемый средствами приложения O&O DiskImage образ жесткого диска, содержащий всю информацию, необходимую для корректной работы ОС, поможет решить эту проблему. O&O DiskImage допускает запись образов на носители CD или DVD. Благодаря указанной возможности, пользователи смогут создать несколько копий данных, которые можно с легкостью перенести на другой компьютер.


O&O DiskImage - Maximum Data Security! Create images and restore entire systems quickly and easily. O&O DiskImage offers reliable protection from unforeseen data loss. All standard and professional functions are bundled up in one product. Automated, as well as individual settings are possible. Thanks to the Start CD, which includes additional system rescue tools, you will quickly have all your important data available again - even, if Windows does not start up anymor.

Create images and restore entire systems quickly and easily. All the standard and professional features are combined into one single product. You can adjust all the functions to suit your requirements, with options that range from fully automatic to individually customized. Thanks to an improved user interface, it’s now possible to create and manage images even faster. Creating images on a regular basis is really the best way to protect your data from being lost unexpectedly - with O&O DiskImage 3 Professional Edition, you are fully equipped to face any emergency!

- One-click imaging (New)
- M.I.R. Restoration onto different hardwareV
- E-mail notification of activities (New)
- Additional information bar (New)
- TrayIcon to provide information on service and job status
- Also creates system partition images during operation
- 1:1 copies of drives (cloning)
- Advanced burning functions to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD
- Works with Microsoft Virtual PC Disks (VHD)
- Start CD with base operating system and system rescue tools

Product Features
- Time-scheduled data imaging for process automation
- Detailed report of results
- Sector-based imaging
- Incremental imaging
- Supports dynamic drives, GPT Hard disks and RAID Systems (depending on operating system)
- Efficient compression and powerful encryption (up to 256 Bit)
- Save sets split into default and userdefined
- Images can be mounted as virtual drives
- Context Menu integration under Windows Explorer
- Support of Native 64 Bit and Multiprocessors
- Exclusion of files/file groups and folders
- Imaging and restoration at the push of a button
- Supports individual security profiles
- Bare Metal option runs O&O Disk-Image 3 Professional Edition without installation

System Requirements
- Minimum requirement of respective operating system
- Minimum 1GB RAM recommended
- 30 MB free hard disk space
- 32 Bit/64 Bit Support
- Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Pro (all Editions)

O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v5.5.100 iSO-rG

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