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Red Giant ToonIt v2.0 for Multiple Hosts-SCOTCH
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (26.05.10)
Red Giant ToonIt v2.0 for Multiple Hosts-SCOTCHProgram Name: Red Giant ToonIt v2.0 for Multiple Hosts-SCOTCH
Program Type: Video Plug-in
Release Date: 05-25-2010
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP, Vista
File Size: 17.2Mb

Red Giant ToonIt v2 - плагин для видеоредакторов After Effects, Premiere и Avid, позволяющий добавлять на видео эффект рисованного изображения. ToonIt анализирует изображение, а затем уменьшает число цветов и определяет границы объектов. Плагин имеет фильтры, помогающие имитировать разные техники рисования. В ToonIt v2 добавлен Heat Vision плагин, 14 новых стилей, 40 новых настроек и значительно увеличена скорость работы (по сравнению с версией 1.1 выше в четыре раза!)


Red Giant ToonIt v2 - Transform video footage into a cartoon or fantastic stylized looks with easy presets, and faster output in v2. Give video footage that sought-after cartoon look easily and quickly with unique algorithms to transform your image into beautiful cartoon shading and lines. Its five plug-ins free you from time-consuming techniques like rotoscoping and hand painting, and give precise control over styles, shading and outlines. Version 2 adds the Heat Vision plug-in (mimicking the look of the Predator movies), 14 new styles, new presets, and faster output.


Add interest to ordinary images - Keep your toon'ed version as close to the original video as you'd like while adding strong visual interest. The ToonIt plug-ins preserves the sharp edges and color fields of the footage. Choose from many artistic stylizations, including the new Marker, Woodcut, Scratchboard and Conte outline styles. ToonIt transforms your video with just a few clicks.
Powerful presets - ToonIt's cartooning algorithm is so smart and elegant that you will be able to use its default settings most of the time, and Version 2 contains more than 40 presets. The style options are easy to use and output is optimized, making your workflow fast and easy. No other cartooning solution produces such good results with so little tweaking.
Believable cartoon effects - Other cartooning effects use posterization algorithms to create a quick-and-dirty cartoon effect. This doesn't create a believable look for the human form and face, and there tends to be a lot of jitter from frame to frame. Red Giant ToonIt uses unique algorithms created by Toonamation to transform your image into beautiful cartoon shading and lines.


- New Presets (Updated in v2) - With new 40+ style presets, getting great results is even easier in version 2. A reorganzied interface and new controls grouped by style, give you more flexibility.
- Style Choices (More in v2!) - Choose from many cartoon styles, including Flat Cartoon, Graphic Novel, Comic Noir (b&w), Half-Tone (dots), Stipple, High Contrast, Poster Paint, Marker, and Gouache.
- "Real" Cartoon Styles - The Roto Toon plug-in generates colorful flat shading, while the Outlines Only plug-in creates realistic line drawings.
- More Outline Styles (New in v2) - The Blacklight Edges plug-in makes your image look as if the edges have been placed under a blacklight, while the Goth Toon plug-in flattens the image for a high-contrast look. The Marker style makes your footage look like it's been sketched on paper with colored pens, while Scratchboard options gives an edgy, hand-carved look to your footage.
- New Blur option (New in v2) - All ToonIt 2 plug-ins now have a new Supersmart Blur option, which uses blurring percentage, test radius, and blur radius to create a smooth but still detailed result that helps generate better output with less spurious lines and colored areas.
- Heat Vision (New in v2) - The new Heat Vision plug-in simulates infrared camera footage to easily mimic the look from the Predator movies.
- Faster Rendering (New in v2) - ToonIt 2 has been optimized for faster output, especially for HD source with 3-4x speed improvement across the board. Render options allow you to make the right tradeoffs between quality and render time.
- Smooth Animation - Improvements in ToonIt create smooth cartoon-like output with very little jitter or you can choose styles with a lot of variation in the drawing style over time.

System Requirements (PC / Windows):
- Win XP SP1 32-bit and later, Vista 32-bit/64-bit
- Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (or AMD equivalent)
- Minimum of 1 GB of RAM
- 30 MB of hard drive space

Host Applications
- Adobe After Effects CS4, CS3, 7 (Not compatible with CS5)
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, CS3 (Not compatible with CS5)
- Avid Xpress Pro/Media Composer 5.6, 5.7 / 2.6, 2.7, 3.0

What's New
- New styles, and 40 new presets makes ToonIt v2 the most powerful cartoon filter available in your editor or compositor.
- Much faster output speed compared to version 1.1, now up to 4x faster!
- Red Giant ToonIt was formerly ToonIt! Film/Video from Digital Anarchy. The new package includes Avid support with your purchase.

Red Giant ToonIt v2.0 for Multiple Hosts-SCOTCH
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